Arthritis, Weight Loss and Pieces of Crap

Doctor Clevenger called yesterday to tell me that the xray showed degenerative arthritis in my right knee.  I’m going to stay on track taking the anti-inflammatory and then get back to him next week on how I feel.  He didn’t mention weight loss…bless his heart…or hahahaha maybe he didn’t notice….

Speaking of weight loss.  We met Bob and Deb Cooper for supper last night – Deb unveiled her 35 pound loss when she removed her coat…I know how she is doing it…I know the whys etc…I just want whatever she has that is giving her the umph to do it…We obviously need to get together more in the winter because the 4 of us were talking over each other saying things we hadn’t gotten said in the last month 🙂

….and then Piece of Crap…John Edwards…I watched his former associate last night on 20/20 and recorded nightline…this morning I bought People Mag which featured Elizabeth on the front cover.  It would be bad enough that he did all of this deceitful, dirty crap while running for president of the United States but in light of his wife’s major health problems…he’s just a dirtbag!!  I hope to God America doesn’t forget.

That is it for now…

9 thoughts on “Arthritis, Weight Loss and Pieces of Crap

  1. WW is good.  Umph is hard to find until you find it.  No one can find it for you.  I found mine again – just not as umphy as the last go round but still there.  managed to lose 4 in january even with all of my wagon jumps.    arthritis blows.  sorry ’bout your knees.  I’m going to see about an elbow tomorrow – sneaking suspicion it’s arthritis and not much else immediately fixable.   John Edwards = Dirt Bag. 


  2. Those men are not men, they are punky little boys, vile and disgusting.  i’m glad Elizabeth left and I pray she finds happiness of her own. My husband has arthritis, it’s a vicious circle, wieght does make it worse, and then it’s harder to excersize, which adds more weight…I hope you find something that works for you.


  3. ARGH!  Arthritis stinks!  I am sorry you are so uncomfortable!  I hope the medicine works.Congrats to your friend Deb!!!  And yes, WW is one the best, sensible ways to do it.You know who else is a piece of crap? Andrew Young and his wife.  Edwards’ aide and his wife, he is the guy who wrote the book.  Not because they wrote the book but I think that was a bad thing to do to Elizabeth but because they both enabled Edwards by lying for him and helping him hide the whole affair from Elizabeth.It is nice to have you posting!


  4. I hope the anti-inflammatory continues to work for you.  I have it in both thumbs, and some days, it’s all I can do to write my name.  Keep fighting !!


  5. So how is Deb doing it? The right way I hope. Sorry about your knees. I only have it in one thumb so far and some days it’s just agony. I can’t imagine knees. Take care!


  6. Oh, and John Edwards is just another lesson in why we should never ever ever put all of our trust in a politician. They’re just too good at being fake.


  7. Poor Nina and her knees.   😦  I hope the Anti inflammatories do the trick for you.Tell Deb congratulations from me!  It’s tough isn’t it?  Your right, it’s not the actions that are so hard,it’s the will to do the actions consistently.


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