The first day at Mayo

His first test wasn’t at 0700 this morning as he first told me….0645…we went to bed last night early from pure exhaustion and were both awake by 0500.  Other than a fasting blood test, he had an EKG this morning and an MRI late morning.  I wanted to take my Land’s End coat back to Sears and get another pair of free spirit shoes (on sale or I never would have bought them) at Herbergers (Younkers)…while at Younkers, radiology called him on his cell and we had to go back for more MRI scanning…we hit an antique store, Michaels with my gift certificate and Huhot for supper…across from Huhot at the mall was a massage store – I did 30 minutes with an asian male with incredible fingers and hands.  I told Phil that I don’t ever remember my lower back being so loose…incredible.  I told him that I’ll probably need another session before we leave Rochester…

Tomorrow an endocrine test (which I think is just a blood test) at 0800…an appointment with the endo at 1430 and the surgeon at 1500.  Will let you know tomorrow what is going on…by the way, pets are accepted at this motel…I see no reason why I couldn’t have brought the 5 cats…they don’t bark!!

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “The first day at Mayo

  1. Travel with 5 cats. that would be fun.  Good luck w/all your stuff!


  2. Love & hugs!  What a day – another big one tomorrow or should I say later today.I hope it all goes well.Hmmm…you are making me want to visit with an Asian male!


  3. ^I like the same sentence SHE does!Seriously, though, good luck to your husband with his tests, and safe travels to you.Kathi


  4. I’m happy you all got through the day!  Geesh that’s alot of stuff.  I really really like this sentence;  30 minutes with an asian male with incredible fingers and hands.  Just saying.Sleep tight Nina chickie!


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