Imagine our surprise!

At first glance, it appeared Katy and Adam went all out on wedding reception decorations.  On closer inspection, we found that the money spent was actually courtesy of:

He rented the Court Avenue Bridge for a rally.   (Our niece, Ashley’s husband).

Reception guests were greeted with upbeat music and mostly positive energy from the crowd!

Kate and Adam’s friend and photographer, Scott Steen, captured the love at the reception….one of my favorite pictures includes this one……if you look closely you can see how much Jaxon enjoyed the photography session….he was looking for  rocks to throw in the river … Rocks, Rocks, don’t move rock….or ….. willing a huge blast of smoke so the guy and his camera would disappear…..POOF!

….and here’s our family

Until next time…..

3 thoughts on “Imagine our surprise!

  1. Ben Carson paid for their wedding? They are Republicans? How embarrassing for you. I am so sorry. Could be worse. Could have been Jeb Bush.


  2. You all look wonderful! I hope everyone is just as happy as they look!

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