Imagine our surprise!

At first glance, it appeared Katy and Adam went all out on wedding reception decorations.  On closer inspection, we found that the money spent was actually courtesy of:

He rented the Court Avenue Bridge for a rally.   (Our niece, Ashley’s husband).

Reception guests were greeted with upbeat music and mostly positive energy from the crowd!

Kate and Adam’s friend and photographer, Scott Steen, captured the love at the reception….one of my favorite pictures includes this one……if you look closely you can see how much Jaxon enjoyed the photography session….he was looking for  rocks to throw in the river … Rocks, Rocks, don’t move rock….or ….. willing a huge blast of smoke so the guy and his camera would disappear…..POOF!

….and here’s our family

Until next time…..

Hard decisions…

Julie’s visitation was last night (Friday night) and our nephew’s wedding rehearsal and dinner was at the same time.  Same situation with today’s funeral and wedding.  I was feeling a lot of emotional angst as to what I should do last night.  My friend, Deb Williams, gave me what I believe was the best advice…she told me to be with my family.  Family comes first. So that is what I did.  I believe it was the right decision although my Katy said that she was sure the family would understand because people die and no one expects it.


I love this picture…especially because it appears that we have a photobomber…That’s George…he is the oldest of the Brown brothers and he was sitting at the table with me.   In the background on the left is “him”, their brother Lee who is father of the groom.  Sean – the groom and his brother Ryan.  This is probably going to be the family event of the year…all of the cousins except one will be together in one place which is the first time since 1996 at their grandfather’s funeral. 

Today Sean and Lindsay say, I DO.  Lindsay is already family but now we will get to call her Lindsay Brown…yay.

He and I are relaxing this morning, I got up to get a cup of coffee away from our irritating Words of Wonder game on Facebook and the view of the backyard made me stop in my tracks.


For a split second, I thought to myself…WHAT ARE WE DOING leaving this view.  I suppose if I didn’t have these thoughts something would be wrong with me.

It’s going to be a great day…

Until next time….

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Chad Doty

He and I attended the wedding of the son of one of my BFFs tonight.  (I have 2 by the way) (I’m very lucky)  It was the most enjoyable, romantic ceremony I have ever attended.  If I describe it as quiet – you probably won’t understand.  It was quiet and it was calm and it was genuine and it was love.  The ceremony was held at the country home of the brides parents.  Outside in a beautiful setting of chairs, tent and nature. The officiate was a long time friend of the groom  who spoke softly and with loving emotion.  There was a vocalist with her guitar and her microphone and her amazing voice to set the mood.  There was no rocking your senses with loud organ music, overplayed wedding songs and noise.  It was quiet.  Somewhere over the Rainbow sung by the previously mentioned melodic singer was the music behind the attendants walk to the front…a pause… the bride made her way to the front.  There was no church service…no raised voices…no preaching..there was only the officiates introduction to the love he has witnessed between the bride and groom, the exchange of vows, a poem read by an emotional friend of the couple, the kiss and the presentation of the couple.  Not one time was I uncomfortable because I was feeling bad for the vocalist hitting a wrong note…there was not one time that I wanted to scream stop talking,…there was not one time I wished I were somewhere else.  It was beautiful, it was calm, it was quiet, it was genuine and it was love!