Woke up to a #Royal blue sky this morning


After last night’s amazing Royals win over the Mets.  

I have a deep dislike for the Toronto Blue Jays…the last team the Royals beat…but only for their bad sportsmanship and their ####head Bautista…so imagine the Royals shock when the first pitch from the Mets pitcher once they got to New York was a pitch intentionally straight to the head of our super boy, Escobar.  I was very proud of the Royals players not trash talking about the incident…well, except for this tweeted picture by a fan:
We went to Justin and Jenny’s for a World Series party last night.  We all got a huge laugh at neighbor, Chris who wore her Royals pajamas to the party.  she didn’t wear them Friday night and look what happened.

The father-in-laws don’t even looked stressed when the Royals were behind


Well, one of them looks a little sour!

I hope it is over tonight…I want Chris to be out of her Jammies and Justin can change his T shirt and while I would  like to see the Royals win at home for the fans, I more want to see the Mets lose in front of their own fans!  a little deep down Bitter Ballerina in Ninasusan’s heart!


Until next time….

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