Finding the new Normal

It feels so weird to not need to check my phone calendar to see what time I should set an alarm for the next morning…. To not have anything on my calendar in general. Our Monday evening book club met on line last night and we began as we always do with a check in. So far everyone seems to be finding their water line…floating in the nothingness and seeking a new normal. I felt so much comfort realizing that everyone was feeling the screeching halt from a lifetime of getting ‘Er done. I FELT our friend, Carol’s, rapid acceptance…they are bringing wood in for a fire, she is doing her spiritual work and she finally has the time to read the books that have been stacking up.

I am actually feeling some comfort today. There’s nothing I have to do…there is only what I want to do…that thought is so foreign in my mind. I committed this morning to use the skills I’ve been practicing to think about life differently. Each moment is a gift that we live in that moment. We have no control…or our normal perceived control over anything. All I have to do is Be. Be in this moment with a gratitude in my heart.



We noticed this morning that the geese are flying. Feathers have grown back and our little goose family of 6 will be dipping their feet in other neighborhood ponds. I will miss their daily visits to the grounds below the bird feeder…but this is the time of year when I enjoy the cacophony when they are landing as they settle in for the evening back home. I’m also relieved that the 8 weeks are over and Thursday I should be released from the boot.

The weather has cooled, the cicadas are loud, he’s picking up sticks before he mows

And I’m just going to sit around with the breeze in my hair …. maybe finish my book “Loving Frank”. Well researched biography about Frank Lloyd Wright told from the perspective of his long time mistress, Mamah Borthwick. I’m now all up into everything Frank Lloyd Wright and making plans to visit Illinois, Wisconsin and Arizona museums and landmarks.

But for today….I’m enjoying the view from the deck and feeling grateful.

Until next time…

Okay…someone explain this to me because I’m dissatisfied!

When I lived in Iowa.  Dr Phil was going from channel 8 – CBS to channel 5 – ABC.  When I finally changed over to the Kansas City station – Dr Phil is still on CBS.  Live with whats-her-name and Michael Strahan were on CBS or ABC in Iowa…here they are on FOX.  Don’t these networks own these shows?  Like Letterman is CBS everywhere or are they up for grabs for whoever wants them.  I always wondered why Bob Schieffer always said – some of our stations will be leaving us – but we will be back for more Face the Nation…what station would not carry all of Face the Nation?  wait wait…I know.  The Kansas City station because they have to put some local news fluff programming on Sunday morning – so Face the Nation is only a half hour.  Do you know how much this irritates me?

The following doesn’t need to be explained to me….&$@(* CBS cancelled Battlecreek – we love that quirky show but they are renewing Two Broke Girls….because people love idiot young women with back to back sexual innuendos and dark lipstick?  I say I don’t get it but it is just a phrase to use so I don’t have to use expletives.  Mad Men is over, Revenge is over, Brian Williams is gone, Bob Schieffer is retiring, David Letterman is retiring, Oprah is gone….next season Downton Abby will be finished.  Guess I’ll go read a book!  But they end too!


Suppose to clear off this afternoon and evening.  All three Kansas City Vapur shops – owners and fantastic staff – are going to the Royals game at the K tonight. I’m sure there will be pictures tomorrow of all of us in our Vapur at the K 2015 t shirts.  I’m very excited.  This will be my first Royals game…and what makes it very nostalgic and almost makes me teary with excitement…its an American League – National League game and the Royals are playing my beloved Cincinnati Reds!  The only thing that could make this better is if Gena and Groundhog could be there with us too!!!!

Until next time…..

The Biddy is Giddy

There have been times when I was in shape and my hair looked good,  that I would be driving on a beautiful sunny days with the tunes blasting and I would have that feeling which can only be described as WOW…LIFE IS GOOD…I’M IN LOVE WITH LIFE….YOU CAN’T GET TO ME TODAY SO DON’T EVEN TRY…. As I got older and older with big girl problems, those feelings went away; in fact I cannot even remember when it happened the last time.  But, I was thinking tonight while going thru some photos for scrapbooking…this is so fun…I look forward to it…I can’t wait to get my work done so I can sit down and do it….it is like that whole wind through my hair thing from years past…only different.

Another giddy feeling I used to have is when I went to the library…I would load up 3 or 4 books…not because I would read that many before they were due but because in my effort to always be prepared, I would get that many books so at least 2 or 3 I might like.  Then I would head home, knowing I had to play mother, wife, cook or maid and wanted to hurry thru everything so I could sit down and lose myself in a book.  I still love to read and do so every day but I don’t have that giddy feeling that I can’t wait to go home and get into a book.

I love to vacation and/or camp…I love the weeks building up to the trip…except for the day just before we leave.  I love the prep, the trips to Walmart for possible missed items and I love being better prepared financially  now because I know that if I forget something, I can stop and buy it… that takes a lot of pressure off of the preparation…

I look forward to scrapbooking…see paragraph 1…Debbie and Karen and I decided a while back that we would rotate each others houses each month to scrapbook..but have found a real home at Debs which feels loving,  safe and comfortable so we haven’t gone anywhere else.  Safe and comfortable and loved are good.

Until next time…..