Younkers and the head cold….

Looking at the big picture…this week has just been crap.  I got his head cold…and hit me a lot harder than it did him.  This is day number  6 and I’m still sneezing and wheezing.  Day number 5 last week, he was well enough for me to take him for a car ride *gut laugh.  I thought something this week that has never crossed my mind before…you know…you kind of get used to the taste of Night and dayquil and it really doesn’t taste that bad….need I say more about the state of my mind!

…and the big blow was the big Younkers store in Des Moines burned.  Some of the visual reminders on this You Tube video brought tears to my eyes.

This was devastating to lots of us in my generation.  This is where we shopped on Saturdays with our mothers.  The Younkers Tea Room was a beautiful, ornate room where you dressed up in dresses and hats and little white gloves and had dinner..sometimes with a fashion show on the stage.  I had told my family about the many outings with my Aunt Frances and this was a big one.  I would be dressed in my finest with little white gloves that stopped at the wrist and we would head downtown Des Moines.  I believe the last time I was in the Younkers flagship building was around 1978 when mom and I were shopping for my wedding dress.  The building was under renovation – it was a beautiful, old, classy building.  It would have made a beautiful repurposed building…so sad.

Today is our day off together.  Tomorrow peanut comes and Dave and my old girl, Margena are coming for the weekend.  Things are looking up!

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Younkers and the head cold….

  1. Poor thing. Trips down memory lane, liquid drugs and a head cold! That’s just too much. How are all the animals adjusting to their new digs?


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