The way Tuesdays were meant to be….

He and I were pleased to find the Crossfire Recreation Center on Truman Road in Independence.  I had been searching for indoor shooting ranges so we could get a little practice in…the one recommended to us is closed on Tuesday…I was irritated.  But really glad to have found this one.  It was fun.  This is one of those things we like to do together.  Last week, he bought me a Keltec 9 mm while we were in Branson and I was excited to shoot it.  Also took along my little Beretta …my dad bought it many, many years ago and used to keep it in his dresser drawer in their bedroom.  When I was 8 or 9 years old, I came home from school one day, entered the garage and found the inside door to the house ajar.  I checked the upstairs of the house, got the Beretta out of my dad’s drawer, cocked it and proceeded to the basement to be sure I was alone in the house.  I’m positive that had someone been in there, I would have blown them away or whatever that little 22 short could accomplish.  I look back on it now and thank my dad for having the foresight to teach me how to load and fire that little gun…I would like to think that he knew I was using it today and thinking about him.  It was fun.  Had a little difficulty seeing the forward center sight on it, but I hit the target many more times than I missed.  It feels good in my hand and feels like an extension of my arm.  The Keltec…not so much.  I need another trip to the firing range to feel confident.  I ordered a pistol packing mama purse last week so I can safely carry the weapon with me – especially on the days I work in the store. 


We hit Bass Pro, Starbucks, drove up and down gravel roads trying to find the access to Harrisonville Lake…we did find one sign advising us that it was a federal crime to pass the gate down to the lake.  My little brain is finding it very suspicious that this huge lake lies in the middle of Missouri and there is no way to get down to it…I told him that perhaps it is used by the Missouri Navy. 

Bought a jogging stroller for Jax.  We aren’t going to jog but Jenny thought it would work better than a standard stroller on the gravel around the pond.  After he got it put together, we wanted to try it out.  He thought we should go ahead and strap a cat in and go for a walk *rolling eyes.


Hit TNT BBQ in Pleasant Hill for supper.  One of those places that looks like a hole in the wall but serves great food….according to their information, they’ve been in business for 30 years.  We are home now..each of us in the computer room on our own desk top computers…it’s kind of nice.  What would really be nice is if he would attach the beaded fan pull to the ceiling fan so I could click it fast and slow and not have to ask him to do it every time…but he maintains he needs a ladder to do it.


Until next time….

5 thoughts on “The way Tuesdays were meant to be….

  1. most likely not…can’t leave Dennis here and he won’t travel


  2. Does that mean u r coming for a visit?


  3. I think Harrisonville Lake is really Harrisonville City Lake? You have to have special permits to boat fish and camp there from the city of Harrisonville

    Everything I’ve read says it wonderful for fishing though and might be worth the permit expense


  4. I really enjoyed shooting at MBs. I will never be a pistol packin’ momma like Nina but I would like to learn for when the world goes to hell,,,,,and zombies.


  5. Sounds like a good day! Shooting is one of the things on Corey and It’s list. Like to take a class together and know we can both load and shoot successfully. In case the zombie outbreak hits here.


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