Oh how Easter has changed…

When I was small, Easter meant time to buy a spring coat…an easter hat…an easter dress and mom would take me to “her” church.  She was quasi religious.  Lots of lip service and showing up at church on Easter Sunday was imperative.  Only to find out when I was a teenager and attended my own church regularly that the folks who showed up only on Easter Sunday and Christmas eve were not religious at all…oh, how nasty christians can be.  I have a picture of me at about 2 or 3 holding up my little white purse wearing my pink frilly dress and my flowered head band hat…but I couldn’t find it quickly this morning…but I do have this one.


I was 6….and I think there is another picture floating around of Lennie Rae (my childhood sister) and me on the same day.

Easter in my teens was a big deal…Rising Sun Church of Christ…sunrise breakfast  and church where we sang He has risen at the top of our lungs.  I didn’t buy a new hat, a new dress or a new coat or purse.

Then I moved away from Des Moines – dabbled in church – new church traditions – sang in the choir – Easter cantata that wasn’t done on Easter morning but the week before – never understood that.  The big blow to my beloved Sundays was my job…with 1 1/2 weekends off a month, going to Sunday church with any regularity was impossible.  If I wasn’t there for my shift, someone had to cover for me.  It got too complicated. 

Now I’ve moved to another state – no traditions yet – didn’t even realize it was Good Friday and knew Easter was coming because I was seeing lillys in the stores.

But this morning…I knew it was Easter because I was reminded by all of my friends with the easter bunny pictures, the pictures of the crucifix and well wishes…but the one that made me actually sit down and type this blog was a post by Deb…it was the Easter Song by Second Chapter of Acts…from the 70’s – The picture looked like the  “With Footnotes” album…it brought back so many memories.  Happy Easter everyone!

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Oh how Easter has changed…

  1. Happy Easter lovely Nina! I hope you’re are enjoying a wonderful spring day.


  2. I woke up with it in my head. It does evoke many many memories for me as well! Happy Easter Nina!


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