Honey, What do you think the neighbors are doing?

It has taken a long time, but Ninasusan is now part of a neighborhood again and she is very happy.  I have a feeling I’m going to bloom where I’m now planted.  Robbien – married to Dave – to our north loves yellow and she loves stuff – so we are going to get along beautifully…ironically theyhave a grandson named Jaxon who was born 3 days after our Jaxon…anyway…Dave and Robbien are doing something to the inside of their garage.  After a visit to their house earlier this week, I know they are very crafty…..They may just be hanging sheetrock – can’t tell driving by…but I’m quite curious 😉 

He sprinkled grass seed this morning before we left for the shop…it rained today so hopefully it will take.  He asked me to jump out of the truck when we got home to see if any of it had sprouted…I know he will be sitting in a lawn chair every morning drinking his coffee watching it grow.  Whoever said retirement could be boring!

Stormy and rainy today…I’m not as concerned about the weather down here even though it is closer to tornado alley as well as the bible belt…always wondered if those two things went together…we have the National Weather Service nearly in our backyard and I assume they wouldn’t build it here if there was any possibility of bad weather, right?


Won’t be long until we won’t be able to see the NWS dome for the trees.

Off to watch TV – love Sunday night TV.

Until next time….

One thought on “Honey, What do you think the neighbors are doing?

  1. That’s amazing that you both have Jaxon’s, especially so close in age. I miss having neighbors to just walk over and chat with occasionally. Sitting on a lawn chair in a driveway watching the sun go down.
    I’m glad you’ve found your niche.


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