Happy May Day….

My neighbor, Robbien, rang my doorbell this morning, handed me a jar of lilacs, yelled Happy May Day and ran….only half of that story is true.


The first whiff made me so happy and reminded me of the lilac bushes I used to have and immediately reminded me of a picture of my girls helping me cut them…both standing by the bushes with hands totally full of the sweet smelling beauties!!!

My project today was to just do it…attempt to complete the  shabbying up of an old chair for my entrance.  I started on it a couple months ago…but the paint was too pink, then the paint was too dark brown so I wanted to use the dry paint technique and then have him paint a big flower in the middle of the seat.




I had to quit and pick up Jax…but,  I THINK, right at this moment…it is just the way I want it???? It was a stopping point.

Last night I repotted plants after a trip to TJ MAX for pots.  This is a plant that the Baxter Fire Department sent me for retirement.  I may have worn it out with the repotting process, but they bounce back fine!


I went to a huge nursery yesterday to get a couple of large banana plants for the shop and saw this split leaf philodendran.  We used to have one when I was growing up and I really liked it.


But the best part of my day


after sharing a bowl of grandpa’ chili with him 🙂


and nanners for dessert!

Until next time….



2 thoughts on “Happy May Day….

  1. What a lovely and perfect day!


  2. Nina I can’t even tell you the envy that overcomes me when I read about your life now.I love the split leave philodendron too!


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