Totally different perspective….

For the last few years, I’ve been bouncing back and forth in my little mind the discontent and then the content of letting my hair grow naturally white/gray.  I think it all came out in one word to Justin today just before he added color to my personality…I was apathetic.  I had suffered the depression, I had gained so much weight, the daily stress of my job totally weighed me down…it wasn’t exactly the day to day work, it was trying to be polite, professional and nice to the numerous dirt bag/assholes that called 911.  I am not speaking of the regular people that needed help – these are the dirt bags…no other way to put it…and you will not totally understand what I’m talking about unless you have dealt with them in some type of service career.  I was angry and I had totally given up on myself…it was too much work.  Apathy is an illness.  My retirement is exactly what I needed to heal the apathy.

Anyway…loving the hair…kind of a warm caramel.  Stopped at Sephora on my way home to pickup foundation for my face – picked up a couple of shirts and some jeans…if you are “him” reading this…I got them all free or at least on sale – you won’t recognize them anyway because I’ve had them forever.  I really wanted to stop somewhere and get my nails done but hadn’t shaved my legs and I was warned about that by Kate a couple of years ago….

Until next time….

7 thoughts on “Totally different perspective….

  1. You got it…very relaxing…I know…let me set up an appointment for us next time I’m in DM…bwa hahaha


  2. Hahaha..that was refreshing Ghog…my toenails…..they always give you a leg massage…thus shaving the legs …… But you at least made me laugh out loud!


    • Let me see if I have this right. When you get your toenails done, your legs have to be shaved so that a complete stranger can rub your legs. They are unable to rub you legs with hair on them. They can only be rubbed in a hairless state. Is this correct? Is this a rule? It all seems very odd to me. Of course, I’m so introverted that I would not let any one in a public business rub my legs, hairless or no.


  3. what does shaving your legs have to do with getting your nails done? Please forgive me. I’m a man and I do not understand this. I’ve NEVER shaved my legs or gotten my nails done. I would not hesitate to get my hair cut if I had not shaved my face. I guess I’m asking what the disconnection is between unshaven legs and nail care.


  4. ummm picture of the whole head would help, need to see the pretty face too


  5. I’m so glad you’re happy. You deserve it.


  6. Sometimes you just are ready for a change! From what I have seen so far, it looks great!

    That was a tough job! Now it is healing time!


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