I retired one month ago today…

and I’m exhausted.  We left Newton that night – he drove the Penske truck and I drove the cats  It seems like soooo long ago.  I think it is safe to say that we are officially moved in…there are lots of totes of stuff in the basement but they can wait for another day, another life, the girls may need the adventure if I die before it is done?  Damn…that almost makes me sound healthy!

We immediately started working the Vapur of Lee’s Summit shop.  It is a business that we started with our oldest daughter and husband along with his parents.  Our main goal other than making retirement money is to get folks off the smokes.  Once we got the sign up and the public found us, business has grown every day.  I know the media has done what the media does and tried to damage the E Cig reputation but the facts and the success people are having speaks for itself.

We are babysitting three days a week.  We are very lucky to be able to watch him grow up – we get to witness the growth spurts and seeing him every week means I get to see his mother and father every week…especially his mother because she never gets tired of hearing my opinion.

All in all – the month is good.  My son in law is cutting my hair tomorrow and I’m getting color.  Have decided to go ahead and cover that gray.

Until next time….

7 thoughts on “I retired one month ago today…

  1. Sounds like retirement is “fitting” you perfectly. Enjoy…..I retired in January 2003 after 35+ years at National Travelers Life when I was 55 and haven’t regretted it ONE day. Have a fun time.


  2. You sound delightfully happy with all of your busy-ness. I am glad the new business is going well! I’ve thought about trying the vapors but am terrified of the opposite effect and suddenly wanting to start smoking again!


  3. Do you sell E beer with the E cigs? I think the time has come for E beer…all it needs is the right inventor. Let’s see, you buy what looks like one bottle or one can off beer. You insert the beer cartridge and turn it on. Though you’re not actually drinking beer, you still get the buzz after two or three cartridges. The best part – no trips to the bathroom and no beer gut.

    What do you think? Shall I start work on it immediately?

    Welcom back BTW


  4. How did your cats during that drive? I take my cat 10 minutes to the vet and you would think she is being tortured. I can’t imagine five cats in a car on a drive like that.

    So I have been meaning to ask you – what is your grandma name? Are you grandma, nana, or some other cute name?


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