Him…..in the shop

So… I told him that I saw a picture of a garden cart that was for sale on a FB page.  It was an hour away and Wasn’t worth the hassle but this is what I wanted.

Now my dilemma.  He’s a perfectionist and it will be perfect…how am I going to put it outside on the deck to be damaged by the weather.  He’s not going to approve of me repotting plants on it sitting in the living room 😜.

The other project he completed and I just painted is a quilt rack and shelf for the quilt my daughter, Kate, made for me.

I painted it with milk paint that I purchased somewhere.  I really wish I could remember because I like it and the finish.  Very similar to chalk paint but much thinner application.  I just used the one color but read that it is a good paint to use if you want a farmhouse look.  Several layers will season over time.  I also did not use a wax on it…left it a chalky like matte finish.  Christina…if you read this….maybe something you might want to try?

Until next time…..

4 thoughts on “Him…..in the shop

  1. Gorgeous blanket. Be glad your hubby is so productive, even if a tad perfectionistic.

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  2. So our hubs are two of a kind. Which is why I have a tree house you could live in, rather than the tree house I was picturing…and a deck you could park a truck on. So, i’m curious, I saw that we both tagged our husbands on that post about 2×4’s not actually measuring 4″. Did your husband also say, ‘2×4’s are not actually 4 inches, so yeah no kidding’ (in a kind of “DUH” tone. haha)
    I love that garden cart! I think I have a couple like it on my pinterest. Love the shelf and the color. And the quilt. I haven’t tried milk paint, but I read that you have to reapply the wax as time goes on. which made me think, i’ll stick with watered down stain. Have you done the wax before?

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    • Yes. I use wax on chalk paint. It really hardens and makes it last longer, I did not use wax on the milk paint, I want to see how it seasons without. And ref the article…I just laughed out loud. Phil said. That’s ridiculous, they are cut 4 x 4 then they are dried and season and of course they are going to shrink!!!

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