I don’t like it when I think

  • I have a hard time figuring life out when good people and kids die young
  • The only way we are going to survive is if Trump and McConnell, et al become incapacitate or die
  • Everyone has their own opinions but why is my living and breathing dependent on evil people
  • Judge people and their actions based on the life they live
  • Loss of compassion and kindness for people I don’t like (see judge people…..)
  • Lack of tolerance

I realize the negative thoughts and hatefulness are in direct opposition to my desire to live a loving and peaceful life.  I know that these thoughts are my thoughts and are affecting my soul.  I know that genuine inner peace cannot survive with my thoughts that are full of hate.  I know that I can stop reading, watching and listening to the evil surrounding me but it seems in doing so, I might as well eat sugar and drive down the road with my eyes closed.  What I don’t know can kill me.

Until next time…..

7 thoughts on “I don’t like it when I think

  1. You are very honest and I love that. The bible even says, “By their fruits ye shall know them…” I feel similarly. Sometimes I think it will be satisfying to watch Trump voters lose their Medicaid so tax breaks can be given to the wealthy. I know that’s not nice, but actions have consequences and my sympathy runs low at times.

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    • I fight with that thought too. Very satisfying ref the trump comment…you stupid bastards…look what you did to yourself by electing this narcissistic, arrogant asshole. There….I put a lot of my cuss words out there 😀


  2. YES to everything you said. I have to purposely shut it off at times or I’d be insane. The healthcare crisis is making me crazy right now. Well everything is, but mostly that. How anyone can believe it’s ok for only the lucky few to “deserve” good healthcare? I have really good insurance and I’m still so damn mad about this. And a lot of other things…so yeah, I get ya. :/

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  3. Wanting justice is healthy, kind and necessary. When you are a person who cares, this is what happens, we tend to question a lot of things and we also have the desire to see changes. Sigh. Some of us are too sensitive for this world. I am having a more difficult time dealing with the injustices as I get older. I hope our country doesn’t get hit too hard, but I am afraid some damage has been done already. Still, I am hoping for good changes. Quick!

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  4. reminded me myself once upon time…..I did not like the anger and loss of patience/compassion for others, but are they not all natural feelings? rather than disliking how i think or feel, sometimes I showed the intelligence of not rejecting things or myself, and reminding myself that I am not the first, the only, or the last one thinking/feeling like that, and puff.. the moment I stopped resisting, there was the sun. Life was all good! my goodness..
    our minds are marvelous – wished they work only to make us happy 🙂

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