Where do tree frogs actually reside?

I wondered from afar if the rock would be smooth enough to paint and draw a design to go along with my other kindness rocks around the house.

As I got closer, I noticed it glistened.

As I leaned it to pick it up, I realized with a sense of total panic that it was not a rock!

My next thought: if a woman panic-screams and her husband is mowing the yard with ear plugs in, did the woman really scream.

As I regained a sense of sanity, I noticed the hole beside him/her and wondered if he/she wintered there. My next thought was I’m sitting in front of the screen door where he has spent hours just hanging around……and then I looked again….

And he was gone….and I screamed….and the husband heard me…but he didn’t seem terribly concerned….it must have sounded similar to the spider in the bathtub scream.

I know he didn’t go far….the frog….husband continues mowing…..

EDIT: and so we get on with life…the hero says he has no idea where the frog is.


Naked ladies look better than ever

So happy when we uncovered the Naked Ladies (aka Belladonna Lily) today. I had been out looking for them swiping at the mulch cover but obviously had dug around in the wrong spot.

This is probably the 4th year for them to actually pop out of the ground and this year looks to be a strong start! They fall into that favorite flower category albeit a short flowering season.

These flowers have very special meaning to me as they were promised to me as I sat beside the hospice bed of my “other” mom, Neva in April of 2016. She reminded her daughter/my dear friend, Sue….. be sure you dig those up for Nina. Special memories bring special blessings.

He worked in the yard today, I went out and helped pick up sticks and arranged my collection of nighttime lights in the sun so I can determine which ones have survived the winter.

Spring is here. We had our first thunderstorm last night. I’m feeling optimistic, blessed and hopeful. Summer of 2021 is on the horizon,


Finishing up

Few things I can name as actual accomplishments, but I feel like some long projects are reaching completion as winter and spring draw nigh.

I sincerely hope the house wrens are about finished decorating for the year because quite frankly their new home is so full stuff is hanging out the front door.

Back splash is being installed today 🤗 which makes me very happy

School is finally out so the opportunities to visit our youngest daughter …teacher, not student… will, in theory, be easier. I’m making a lot of progress with my daily ruminating. It does feel healthier to let the crap of the past go and focus on the present….the right now. Thank goodness I’ve never been the kind to set goals instead I like to fly by the seat of my pants ….. that’s not to say I haven’t always worried about the future and actually dreaded tomorrow because I wasn’t prepared for what might happen. I’m easing into this way of actually living and not just knowing it’s what i should do and giving lip service to it.

5 things I see right now…the IPAD, my cup of coffee, Frannie asleep on the floor, napkins from Subway laying on the remote basket and the red hurricane lamp sitting on a cabinet that is not flush with the world. 5 things I hear. John spreading mastic on the wall in the kitchen, clock ticking, other clock ticking, house wrens singing and the air conditioner whirring through the vents. I’m in the moment.

Until next time…..

Having a reading nest….


Laying in bed this morning, listening to the morning floor creaks and his morning habits, I felt the need to delve into why he likes to wake up and immediately have both feet on the floor; and how I like to lay there and move my legs around the disheveled sheets searching for a cool spot, rotate my pillow around, catch up on Facebook, etc and wake up.  I came up with no answers.

I have a tendency to do exactly opposite of what I’ve always read.  Bed should be for sleeping…do not make your bed the place you watch tv, eat, read and nest.  Oops.  While I’m not a “napper” unless I’m sick, once I’m up….I’m up…but…occasionally I’ll walk into our room, glance at the bed and have that comforted feeling.  I don’t think that is wrong.

Today, I mixed it up a bit and found my reading spot for the day.  On the front side of the house.  It is shady, there is an amazing cool breeze and the only real NOISE is the multitude of birds all trying to talk at once.  I’m not really a bird person…okay…I really never notice birds other than when I want to scream SHUTUP!  The rustling of the breeze through the leaves makes it okay.

2 weeks from today, probably around this time 10:30 am, I’ll be going under the knife.  Just thru that in because it is on my mind.  Otherwise, I’m just going to be in love with this day!

Until next time…..

It was totally worth the wait….



Mildly disappointed that they don’t have the strong peonies scent but they are beautiful.  Color is my thing…I’m very moved by color and my mood is affected by color and music, of course.

Finally got cushions for the rocking chair that I bought last fall at Ice House Auction.  Jax has been trying to sit in it without cushions so he was visibly excited that it was now so comfortable although you can’t tell it by his face.


I bought the cushions AT HOME…they have an amazing selection.  Its the best I’ve ever seen.  Also got an umbrella to match the table for very cheap AT HOME.


I love yellow.

Did acupuncture yesterday for my left side.  My shoulder, knee and kidney should have benefited.  Jenny gave me something else to contemplate.  The fact that the right side of your brain controls the left side of the body may indicate that I need to  work on strengthening that side of my brain.  Chiropractor also started me on some turmeric supplements.  I have been reading a lot about turmeric and when he suggested it, I was sold.  Still working to heal myself from within..Now working on healing my physical self from within.  I love that both of my girls are holistic and always have ideas for my journey.

Shortly I’ll be out there in one of those deck chairs, drinking my coffee and catching up on WordPress and Facebook.

Until next time….

It’s apparently just the red neck thing to do….



It’s the way he painted the deck table and chairs, its the way I painted a cast iron vessel that became a flower pot and it’s the way I painted the little red wagon that I”m using for flowers…ya just – hang em’ in the tree and spray paint away.  Apparently he will not soon forget the spring we had a spray paint shadow in the yard of something I painted.  Putting down a sheet or newspapers to protect the grass from the color didn’t even enter my thought process.  I mean…the grass will grow what difference does it make.  Apparently it makes a difference.  I realize that I have a problem with attention to detail.  I ain’t got it!  I love to spray paint things and with an eye roll he just hikes them up the tree with a rope!

I’m holding a daily vigil waiting for the peonies to open up.



Spring comes so much earlier in Missouri than it did in Iowa and I’m loving it!

Until next time…..

This is the kind of week I hope for all year…I don’t want to waste it!

It’s cool in the shade.  The sky is a brilliant blue.  The lawn is dappled with the sun shining thru the leaves of the trees.  The sun warms the skin.  it’s not too hot or too cold.  Humidity is low.  You might need a sweatshirt in the evening.  It’s perfect.  ……and the whole week is supposed to be this way!

We don’t normally see Jaxon on Tuesday but Jenny came out with him yesterday morning and worked from our computer room because Justin is doing some remodeling on their house.

We took walks, we played outside, we hung out at the bridge.  It was a perfect day.  We couldn’t remember the rhyme for the troll under the bridge.  Can anyone help?  Fortunately, this no longer has to be a brain squeezer, I can just google it.  Remember the “olden” days when we couldn’t remember something and had to call friend after friend until someone could remember the name of the song or what were the real words to Blinded by the Light by Manfred Mann…now it is at the tip of our fingers.

Here’s some pics of our day.  More pictures of Jaxon.  I’m a Grandma aka Nina…I have no idea how anyone could tire of seeing pictures of my grandson 🙂  Spring has sprung!









Until next time….

Spring in the country

I’ve had a bit of a bug that last couple of days..feeling better today.

News reporter from KCCI TV in Des Moines died yesterday…She had been with the station for 29 years…I’m feeling really bad about it – anchors were having a bad time of it last night when they had to annouce the death.  I guess the woman has been coming into my living room for 29 years, it is okay to have a hurt spot in my heart for her.

He is out working on the mower….He came in for a drink of water and i asked him what was going on…he said,  I’M TRYING TO GET THE BLADES OFF THE MOWER TO SHARPEN THEM … A 15 MINUTE JOB HAS TAKEN ME TWO HOURS ….


He cut off a pipe and stuck the plier thingys in the end then had me come out and push one way while he was unloosening the other and they came off :: brilliant::

It is so green and the flowers in the flower beds are coming up nicely…


It is time to get mulch around the trees and mulch the beds and pull weeds that are already taking over 😦

My other issue today is how am I to kill all the little spring ants on the counter now that I have frick and frat…can’t be putting ant poison out…

Billy and Benny have taken control of the side by side windows in the computer room.  They are totally content although there is a breeze from the west today and Benny the little one looks like he is encoutering a tornado when he tries to get to the window…once he is there he is set but he crouches down low and the wind blows his hair and his ears go back and he forges ahead…extremely funny – guess you have to be here.

Until next time….