It’s apparently just the red neck thing to do….



It’s the way he painted the deck table and chairs, its the way I painted a cast iron vessel that became a flower pot and it’s the way I painted the little red wagon that I”m using for flowers…ya just – hang em’ in the tree and spray paint away.  Apparently he will not soon forget the spring we had a spray paint shadow in the yard of something I painted.  Putting down a sheet or newspapers to protect the grass from the color didn’t even enter my thought process.  I mean…the grass will grow what difference does it make.  Apparently it makes a difference.  I realize that I have a problem with attention to detail.  I ain’t got it!  I love to spray paint things and with an eye roll he just hikes them up the tree with a rope!

I’m holding a daily vigil waiting for the peonies to open up.



Spring comes so much earlier in Missouri than it did in Iowa and I’m loving it!

Until next time…..

4 thoughts on “It’s apparently just the red neck thing to do….

  1. Peonies are my favorite. For years – we’d go to bike week in NH and miss them popping open. It always made me sad. Then – when we thought we were moving, we dug them up and planted them at our new place – but then never actually moved into the new place. :-(. W bought me more a few years back and this year, I think we’ll get a few more. They’re probably my favorite – besides hydrangea’s and cabbage roses.


  2. We bought peonies last night. Can’t wait to have beautiful flowers in another year or so!

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  3. I’ve never hung anything in a tree to paint but oh so many spray paint silhouettes on my lawn over the years. Good times.


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