I’m revealing two secrets…one word – granola and trying to hide Baxter’s affair.

If you have experienced the effect of granola, I will not have to explain.  If you haven’t experienced the effect of granola, I encourage you to buy a bag of it and eat a lot of it!  Then you can pass on the knowledge so to speak.

After lunch with Brenda yesterday and a couple hours of shopping At Home and Hobby Lobby for chalk paint, I was parched.  I stopped at the highway 7 gas station for an ice tea before my 6 minute drive home.  I was parched, dammit.  and I wanted a snack.  I walked around for quite awhile…in fact, long enough that if I hadn’t stopped, I would have been home…anyway…I was looking at calorie count, labels and ingredients…seriously…did you know there is really nothing in a gas station convenience store that we should eat.  I finally chose a 9 x 9 x 2 plastic box full of Kimberley’s Bakeshop granola mix.  OMG is all I will say!

IMG_1167 (2)

This is Baxter, Minnie and Truman.  Baxter is my cat…so this causes me a lot of confusion.  Does he need therapy or have I just not been firm enough with his apparent affection for my sweatshirts and blankets?  I hide the davenport blanket when I go to bed and it is on the floor in the morning.  He will find my sweatshirt in the bedroom and somehow drag it to the living room.  This morning, I woke up to this in the dining room.



These were folded up in a pile in the purple room closet ready to be boxed for donation to DAV.  Things are no longer neatly stacked in the closet


How does an 11 pound cat choose what articles of clothing he wants in a closet and a better question, does it take him all night to drag them through the house…

Just a glimpse into my Wednesday.

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “I’m revealing two secrets…one word – granola and trying to hide Baxter’s affair.

  1. Apparently. I’m at a loss…do I need therapy or do I spend the money on cat therapy?


  2. Yep, granola is devilish that way. ha ha ha…

    That cat is quite a character. My Leia has never done anything like that at all. Do you find it funny or irritating?


    • I used to find it irritating because he was pulling threads thru on the blanket but now I’m just astounded. two sweatshirts – out of a closet and dragged clear across the house and left in the same place. It kind of scares me in middle of the night – my eyes are closed – I’m asleep kind of way!

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  3. The power of cats is far greater than our capacity to understand.

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