Opinions and perspectives

Just a few days after I assumed the geese were rounding up their belongings and moving on to where ever these geese winter, I wake this morning to…..

In a lesson in perspective this afternoon, I was up on the deck taking this video when the basement door opened and he strolled out to see what the commotion was. I yelled down and said, ya know after watching them sit in the water hour after hour, I actually have no desire to wade into the pond…..I know how much poo a few can leave on the trail per day. He totally flipped it for me…yes, but what about fish food and nutrients. Come to find out goose poo does contain nutrients but too much can actually cause a depletion of oxygen in the water. Who knew!

We see and interpret things from our own thoughts and stories we tell ourselves and assume that everyone sees and interprets the same way we do….but really, everyone perceives their world through the lens of their experiences and what they have been taught by others whether it be teachers, parents, books or life lessons. We absorb the information but interpretation is all on us.

Grateful for the sunshine, blue sky and warm weather and “my” geese.


Would I be willing to sacrifice my hand?

We have been quite content following quarantine rules… content might not be the word I want to use…*exchange content with safe. As long as we are home or outside on the walking trail, I’ve felt safe and secure…it felt comfortable. No decisions had to be made while thriving in my bubble.

Now the Governor is opening up the state on May 4th. Mayors in several cities close to the KC Metro have given May 15th as opening day. People are still getting sick…yes…not as many perhaps…but I always find it incredible when someone rationalizes the low percentage of people that may die. I saw a Facebook post recently that asked “those” people who were comfortable with a small percentage of people dying to please write down the names of two people in their family they were willing to sacrifice in order to have the freedom to get back to what they believe normal is.

I came to the conclusion after overthinking Covid-19 that it really isn’t fear that is causing me to avoid crowds or avoid contact with other people when I have no idea who they have been in contact with. But I guess it must be a little bit of fear…I don’t want to get sick…whether its a bad head cold, influenza or Covid-19 virus. It’s kind of like deciding if I want to lose an eye, a hand or a foot. I don’t want to lose any of them.

So for now, I don’t plan on lifting my personal restriction on practicing social distancing…staying at home, washing my hands, coughing into my elbow and wearing a mask if I do venture out. It’s what I feel is right for me. I don’t begrudge the humans that want to start shopping and dining out, etc. I hope they stay healthy, I hope we can lift up this virus to a level that it will take care of itself, I hope for good medication or better yet a vaccine… but I am comfortable with my personal choice to stay home and stay healthy.


Nothing makes you feel fat like…..

. Taking a selfie in the bright sun with a white visor, white hair and a white T-shirt…

. Being on the downhill side of a golf cart driving horizontally on a hill looking for a ball

. Walking up a steep hill when you’ve told the cart driver…”go ahead, I’ll walk & catch up”

We had a good time at the golf course yesterday…his first golf outing this year…there were questions like…seriously do you think you hit it that far…..seriously, the way it sounded, I thought it went further and hmmmmm the par for that hole is 4…really?

That’s how he spent his birthday….golfing with me riding along in the golf cart doing color commentary! I brought my IPAD along so I could read but I never want to snatch my attention away from nature and the rolling hills, hidden houses, trees and the pond on the Unity Village Golf Course.

Until next time….

His and her independence adventure

Who knew.

We took to the streets of Kansas City today.  Actually the burbs.  I wanted to get some oils and butters to make some lotion to mix with essential oils.  Who knew that there is not a Whole Foods store on the Missouri side of the line.  I really prefer not to give my money to Kansas and governor Brownback over there but my desire to make lotion won.

then I wanted to get little jars for the lotion and decided Old Time Pottery – Independence with all of their STUFF was just where I needed to go.

And then, as usual,  we decided to explore.

Who knew we would find a temple of the Mormon faith?

And across the street the auditorium.

What we WERE looking for was the Harry S Truman library and home.  It was late in the day and decided to return so we could spend time going through all of Harry and Bess’s stuff.  But, here’s some pics we snapped.

The house

The Presidential library

And this…outside the Mormon property

Interesting history to be gobbled up at a later date.

until next time……

So we found a farm drive in a rural area of Missouri….

The Royals lost to the Tigers last night but it didn’t really dampen the fun we had at the K.  I kept thinking about my dad and how I would have loved going to a Royals game with him…after I explained why he would have to enter a stadium of a team in the American League.  We almost spent more for food and large waters than we did on the tickets…but I had decided that money was no object last night and was not going to keep me from eating a brat, hot dogs and popcorn….living the dream.

I really wondered if we would pull it out in the ninth inning when the praying mantas flew in and took a seat


I have no idea how the people in the row ahead of him were able to continue watching the game.  I was in the next section and had to keep moving around because it creeped me out so much.

Here’s some pictures of Kauffman Stadium “the K” before and during the game.







Oh, and back to the farm drive.  Preseud Showers.  As soon as we got out of the truck, we heard what I thought was a chorus of frogs…we hopped into the back of the pickup and this cacophony of song? continued…it sounded like frogs…but not Iowa frogs and then we heard a chirp sound…he told me it was just penguins…the longer we sat there in the dark, in the back of the pickup on a dark Missouri road, the creepier I felt until I said..Okay…I’m done…we have to get out of here.

So…back to the home deck where we rolled up blankets to ease our necks and saw a few shooting stars…tonight is supposed to be the best night for viewing…you know where we’ll be.

Until next time…..

Nains in Pleasant Hill…..

IMG_3991 (1)


‘Nain  may not be the first word he said…but it was the first word that we were positive about what Jaxon was talking about.


It has become the sole mission of the adults in his life to help him surround himself with trains.  Friday, Papa and Nina took him downtown Pleasant Hill to visit the caboose and walk around the town square.  It is such a joy…he is ready to go….





…and we did this for close to 2 hours waiting for a real train to go through.  Surely if we get something to eat downtown, we will hear it and be able to walk out the door so he can watch it.  I had no idea that the Big Creek Diner was all decked out with train motif.  It was awesome.




and the train did go by….about 20 minutes after we were home and he was snuggled down for his nap….and about every two hours after that….

Until next time….

It’s apparently just the red neck thing to do….



It’s the way he painted the deck table and chairs, its the way I painted a cast iron vessel that became a flower pot and it’s the way I painted the little red wagon that I”m using for flowers…ya just – hang em’ in the tree and spray paint away.  Apparently he will not soon forget the spring we had a spray paint shadow in the yard of something I painted.  Putting down a sheet or newspapers to protect the grass from the color didn’t even enter my thought process.  I mean…the grass will grow what difference does it make.  Apparently it makes a difference.  I realize that I have a problem with attention to detail.  I ain’t got it!  I love to spray paint things and with an eye roll he just hikes them up the tree with a rope!

I’m holding a daily vigil waiting for the peonies to open up.



Spring comes so much earlier in Missouri than it did in Iowa and I’m loving it!

Until next time…..

Snow or no snow…keep the pictures coming

We were supposed to be in Des Moines this weekend…had a motel room rented through Monday night…when I talked to Katy on Friday, I said..ya..we are coming…don’t mind the snow – probably the only good snow we will see this winter.  WTH…did that really come out of my mouth.  Woke up Saturday morning and saw the Storm warning and the possibility of 10 inches and we agonized…so we opted to stay home and forfeit the money on the Orbitz reserved room!?!

This morning, it looks like we probably made the right decision…after being an Iowan for 57 years, I know what a winter storm is like and after 30 years working 911, I know what a nightmare a winter storm is.  I’ve been enjoying everyone’s Facebook pictures from Iowa this morning.  It is truly beautiful.  I ALMOST regret not being there but I think we made the right decision for safety and it is not like we would have wanted to sit in the motel room and awe about how beautiful the motel parking lot is…and we will be watching the Super Bowl game today which I understand may not be a choice for satellite TV folks.

Here’s the view from our kitchen today


What a difference being 4 hours away makes.

It kills me to say this too.  Go Seahawks!  Believe me…it is more a cheer against the Patriots!

Until next time….

Seriously, Jenny?

Almost 5 years ago, Jenny moved to Kansas City.  Winter always brought those heartfelt texts from her.  It’s not snowing here, mom…it’s 50 degrees today…you guys should move here!  Ahem.  So we did.


Jenny’s aunt-in-law posted this on her Facebook page today.  HAHAHAHAHA It’s the very same picture I posted a couple of times on my FB page representing the public and my perception, as a dispatcher, of what they all were doing!  My 66-degrees  house, sleet outside, going outside requires wearing my heavy winter coat, expecting snow south of Kansas City chuckle.


Thanks to whoever gave me these socks for Christmas or my birthday one year!!  I’M NOW WEARING SOCKS!

…..and Jenny…very cruel joke!

Until next time….

Friday with Franny

Franny and I decided to venture out in the cold breezy outdoors for a walk this afternoon. I wore a t shirt, Dog the Bounty Hunter sweatshirt and a quilted vest. franny wore a fur coat.

Osage orange trees are dumping their fruit in our back yard and all along the trail. I can’t believe how big they grow them in Missouri. The Fruit on the Osage orange trees behind our house in Iowa were about half the size.

we were also ducking walnuts. I didn’t pay any attention to how many walnut trees there were until today.










We got enough rain yesterday that the pond is getting close to the over flow and the usually dry streams have water. the pond is very rough today from the wind and the geese are huddling. I through in a picture of Frannie in her outfit.

until next time…..