Would I be willing to sacrifice my hand?

We have been quite content following quarantine rules… content might not be the word I want to use…*exchange content with safe. As long as we are home or outside on the walking trail, I’ve felt safe and secure…it felt comfortable. No decisions had to be made while thriving in my bubble.

Now the Governor is opening up the state on May 4th. Mayors in several cities close to the KC Metro have given May 15th as opening day. People are still getting sick…yes…not as many perhaps…but I always find it incredible when someone rationalizes the low percentage of people that may die. I saw a Facebook post recently that asked “those” people who were comfortable with a small percentage of people dying to please write down the names of two people in their family they were willing to sacrifice in order to have the freedom to get back to what they believe normal is.

I came to the conclusion after overthinking Covid-19 that it really isn’t fear that is causing me to avoid crowds or avoid contact with other people when I have no idea who they have been in contact with. But I guess it must be a little bit of fear…I don’t want to get sick…whether its a bad head cold, influenza or Covid-19 virus. It’s kind of like deciding if I want to lose an eye, a hand or a foot. I don’t want to lose any of them.

So for now, I don’t plan on lifting my personal restriction on practicing social distancing…staying at home, washing my hands, coughing into my elbow and wearing a mask if I do venture out. It’s what I feel is right for me. I don’t begrudge the humans that want to start shopping and dining out, etc. I hope they stay healthy, I hope we can lift up this virus to a level that it will take care of itself, I hope for good medication or better yet a vaccine… but I am comfortable with my personal choice to stay home and stay healthy.


2 thoughts on “Would I be willing to sacrifice my hand?

  1. I am worried for the states opening now. Imagine if you had to go back to work because your state opened. I realize some want to go back to work. But many don’t. I am hoping more ppl are thinking like you than not. I saw some ppl from Georgia saying they were not comfortable reopening their businesses and weren’t going to yet. But some will have to or go under because once the state is open, they’ll get no support or help. An that’s what makes me mad about it all. It’s always about the money. If a gov’t can save money by opening they’re going to do it. I live in a red area where ppl want everything open and blame NYC for it not being open. But I spent a day at the ER this week when my dad had a medication reaction. Anyone in a hurry should go spend a day there. 😦 I guess the next couple of weeks will be telling. In the mean time Glad you’re going to be careful.

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