His and her independence adventure

Who knew.

We took to the streets of Kansas City today.  Actually the burbs.  I wanted to get some oils and butters to make some lotion to mix with essential oils.  Who knew that there is not a Whole Foods store on the Missouri side of the line.  I really prefer not to give my money to Kansas and governor Brownback over there but my desire to make lotion won.

then I wanted to get little jars for the lotion and decided Old Time Pottery – Independence with all of their STUFF was just where I needed to go.

And then, as usual,  we decided to explore.

Who knew we would find a temple of the Mormon faith?

And across the street the auditorium.

What we WERE looking for was the Harry S Truman library and home.  It was late in the day and decided to return so we could spend time going through all of Harry and Bess’s stuff.  But, here’s some pics we snapped.

The house

The Presidential library

And this…outside the Mormon property

Interesting history to be gobbled up at a later date.

until next time……

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