Nains in Pleasant Hill…..

IMG_3991 (1)


‘Nain  may not be the first word he said…but it was the first word that we were positive about what Jaxon was talking about.


It has become the sole mission of the adults in his life to help him surround himself with trains.  Friday, Papa and Nina took him downtown Pleasant Hill to visit the caboose and walk around the town square.  It is such a joy…he is ready to go….





…and we did this for close to 2 hours waiting for a real train to go through.  Surely if we get something to eat downtown, we will hear it and be able to walk out the door so he can watch it.  I had no idea that the Big Creek Diner was all decked out with train motif.  It was awesome.




and the train did go by….about 20 minutes after we were home and he was snuggled down for his nap….and about every two hours after that….

Until next time….

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