Just another sinful Sunday….


Listen carefully to what this person is going to say.  She is at IHOP in Lee’s Summit.  She is waiting for her ham and egg omelet stuffed with cheese and her add-on 4 cinnamon roll pancakes which she is going to smother with butter pecan syrup.  She is going to do this because she ate Panera Mac and cheese for lunch and a hunk of panera bread.  A couple hours later after a little shopping, she ate a small bag of potato chips she got at Panera.  She knows that once you think – it’s just a children’s size mac and cheese from Panera, you are starting down a bad road.  By the way, just for the record…the children’s size mac and cheese at Panera is exactly the same size of mac and cheese that comes with the pick 2 sandwich at Panera.

This is the second Sunday in a row that this person had traveled down this road.  Last week after a very healthy brunch served by her daughter, and a trip to Heritage Carousel in Des Moines…exhibit A.  The t shirt she is wearing.  She went into a convenience store to get water while he was getting gas in the car for the trip back to KC.  Water turned into a diet A & W rootbeer and a large bag of cheese popcorn fluff snacks.  Then at IA/MO border, she consumed two maid rites with everything.

Do not do this.  Your health is everything!

This past week, this woman also painted a table with black latex paint.  This is a table that had been painted at least 4 times before because she couldn’t get it right.  This time she didn’t sand quite well enough and apparently the latex paint would not adhere to the chalk paint and wax.  She went to Big Lots today and bought a pub table and chairs.  When she got home, she realized that the black paint was bubbling up…this was in fact joyful because she is one of these people who loves to strip skin off a healed sunburn and delights when it comes off in big strips….as did the black latex paint.  She was gleeful.

IMG_4042 (1)

Until next time…..

3 thoughts on “Just another sinful Sunday….

  1. where did the one-legged waitress work?




  2. Dear Nina,
    I adore you. It’s okay to eat garbage occasionally (I ate Panera Mac & cheese last week) just don’t make a habit of it!
    Take care of yourself or i will come down there and kick your ass.

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