I’m not a victim in this kidney cancer scenario.

I believe I am a victim of my own circumstances and my own making…there are perhaps some genetics at play in my life because after all – and I quote my mother, “you come from a long line of big women”.

Oh = holy mother of God…what a great excuse!!!!

Heard it many times…said it many times.  If I had known I was going to get old, I would have taken better care of myself.

In every thing we do, we make choices.  Sometimes we feel we don’t have any choices or we feel that the choices before us are not ideal…but we make choices…if we choose one little Y in the road different, everything else will turn out different.

I had my followup appointment with the urologist on Wednesday.  I cried internal tears of joy when he told me that he got it all within the kidney, the tumor was between 6 and 7 cm in size.  He advised me to followup with the pulmonary specialist ref the noted teeny tiny nodules in my lungs but said he was pretty confident that even if there were something there, it would not be a metastasis of kidney cancer.  I will see him again in 6 months for x rays and blood tests and again in a year for a ct scan…….I’m the luckiest person alive!!!!!

Later that night, I read up on my particular clear cell RRC.  While there are cases of family history and genetics at play in some cases.  I do not fall into this category.

Smoking tobacco is the #1 reason I probably developed kidney cancer…google it if you want the particulars….and if you are a tobacco smoker, for God’s sake STOP.

Obesity is the #2 reason I probably developed kidney cancer.

and on and on.

So…I’m not a victim in this scenario.  I made very bad decisions.  But the early warning siren to clean up my psych and live and eat healthy was received loud and clear.

Until next time….

Just another sinful Sunday….


Listen carefully to what this person is going to say.  She is at IHOP in Lee’s Summit.  She is waiting for her ham and egg omelet stuffed with cheese and her add-on 4 cinnamon roll pancakes which she is going to smother with butter pecan syrup.  She is going to do this because she ate Panera Mac and cheese for lunch and a hunk of panera bread.  A couple hours later after a little shopping, she ate a small bag of potato chips she got at Panera.  She knows that once you think – it’s just a children’s size mac and cheese from Panera, you are starting down a bad road.  By the way, just for the record…the children’s size mac and cheese at Panera is exactly the same size of mac and cheese that comes with the pick 2 sandwich at Panera.

This is the second Sunday in a row that this person had traveled down this road.  Last week after a very healthy brunch served by her daughter, and a trip to Heritage Carousel in Des Moines…exhibit A.  The t shirt she is wearing.  She went into a convenience store to get water while he was getting gas in the car for the trip back to KC.  Water turned into a diet A & W rootbeer and a large bag of cheese popcorn fluff snacks.  Then at IA/MO border, she consumed two maid rites with everything.

Do not do this.  Your health is everything!

This past week, this woman also painted a table with black latex paint.  This is a table that had been painted at least 4 times before because she couldn’t get it right.  This time she didn’t sand quite well enough and apparently the latex paint would not adhere to the chalk paint and wax.  She went to Big Lots today and bought a pub table and chairs.  When she got home, she realized that the black paint was bubbling up…this was in fact joyful because she is one of these people who loves to strip skin off a healed sunburn and delights when it comes off in big strips….as did the black latex paint.  She was gleeful.

IMG_4042 (1)

Until next time…..

I have a girlfriend who has been battling cancer for several years…

Tracy has always been very open with details of her cancer, her procedures, how she is trying to prepare her body for those procedures and staying strong and living life.  I’ve soaked in her details and thought that her writing about her life was probably as cathartic for her as it was for us, her friends, who thought about her struggle day and night.  The one thing I always wondered is…when you have this CANCER growing in you and you know it is there…how do you not think about it all of the time…how do you just accept that it is there and continue to put one foot in front of the other and be viable?

I now have kidney cancer that I wake up with everyday and go to sleep with everynight.  It is there!

What I think this has done for me has thickened my resolve and pissed me off….and I’ve never been one who just sits around and takes it when I’m pissed off!  Let me add here that my kidney cancer is probably all contained in my kidney and the doctor is pretty sure that they will snip it out and the cancer will be gone.  There is not Chemo or radiation that I”m aware of to treat kidney cancer.  More than one person has said to me that if I’m going to get cancer…this is the one to get.  It has also been suggested that having diverticulitis probably has saved my life – with the finding of the cancer early before it broke out of it’s lining.  So far…I think I’m lucky!

What I’ve become militant about it is what is going in my mouth.  I’ve eaten healthy for the last year – sans Thanksgiving, Christmas and vacation.  There is a difference in wanting to eat healthy because I”m almost 60 and don’t want to die early and wanting to eat healthy because I’m almost 60, have cancer, and don’t want to die early.  It’s all called perspective….

One of the things I’ve read about kidney cancer is there is really no known cause…but smoking cigarettes and being overweight may have a cause and effect.  CHECK!  Guilty of both…so I”m really not a victim unless I don’t change things…then I just have a death wish.

Until next time….

Brussel Sprouts – both sides of the story

First the bad news:  Brussell Sprouts could be bad for your health….from Wikipedia

Consuming Brussels sprouts in excess may not be suitable for heart patients taking anticoagulants since they contain vitamin K, a blood-clotting factor. In one such reported incident, doctors determined that the reason for a heart patient’s worsening condition was eating too many Brussels sprouts which countered the intended effects of blood-thinning therapy.

I’m just thankful that I’m not taking anticoagulants!



I’ve always eaten brussels sprouts; but, I was one of those kids sitting at the table with boiled brussel sprouts in front of me as my unsurmountable challenge of the day to eat it.  Sprinkled with salt and pepper and vinegar, mom said I had to eat them along with all of the mom reasons why I had to eat them.  So I did.        Spring forward to the day she decided to fry them in the frying pan with butter and onions, then sprinkle with salt and pepper and she was right (did those words just come out of my mouth?) they were good.  There’s something about the dark brown edges of the fried brussel sprout that changes the taste.  As an adult, I morphed into serving brussel sprouts topped with cheddar cheese.

Now that I’m an adult-adult and a health conscious adult-adult, I’ve been eating more brussel sprouts and have added garbonzo beans to the mix – a healthy serving will keep me full from lunch until supper aka dinner for you who drink your hot tea with a pinky raised.

Watching a hershey’s chocolate spread on a cracker commercial during The Bold and Beautiful today had me shaking my head to the advertising of junk food that is going to kill us early.  I never say never – but now that I’ve realized the importance of healthy eating, I rarely eat junk or processed food.  Its a mind thing and a priorities change and a life change and once you adopt the concept, it is very easy to say NO.

I had a conversation with someone who was lamenting about how much organic meat and produce cost and I either said it to myself or said outloud (I can’t remember) but, seriously, have you added up the cost of the bags of chips, crackers, candy and processed food you buy…..

Until next time….