Having a reading nest….


Laying in bed this morning, listening to the morning floor creaks and his morning habits, I felt the need to delve into why he likes to wake up and immediately have both feet on the floor; and how I like to lay there and move my legs around the disheveled sheets searching for a cool spot, rotate my pillow around, catch up on Facebook, etc and wake up.  I came up with no answers.

I have a tendency to do exactly opposite of what I’ve always read.  Bed should be for sleeping…do not make your bed the place you watch tv, eat, read and nest.  Oops.  While I’m not a “napper” unless I’m sick, once I’m up….I’m up…but…occasionally I’ll walk into our room, glance at the bed and have that comforted feeling.  I don’t think that is wrong.

Today, I mixed it up a bit and found my reading spot for the day.  On the front side of the house.  It is shady, there is an amazing cool breeze and the only real NOISE is the multitude of birds all trying to talk at once.  I’m not really a bird person…okay…I really never notice birds other than when I want to scream SHUTUP!  The rustling of the breeze through the leaves makes it okay.

2 weeks from today, probably around this time 10:30 am, I’ll be going under the knife.  Just thru that in because it is on my mind.  Otherwise, I’m just going to be in love with this day!

Until next time…..

5 thoughts on “Having a reading nest….

  1. I have to nap every single day and wish I didn’t. I think it’s from meds I take. Would love to be able to stay awake all day. But never ever nap in bed. Always the couch. The bed gives me anxiety after I get out in am and get it made. I’ll pray for peace for you in next 2 wks. 😍

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  2. Hahaha…that is not going to happen…but I do, so, enjoy your description of it!!!

    Yes…he was in the army.


  3. hopping out of bed immediately is probably a hold over from the military…didn’t he serve? I’m think so.

    You should get some bird feeders and a good bird guide…maybe takes some pics for the blog. Start cataloging the birds. You might get a hummingbird feeder too…they are way cool or maybe an oriole feeder. Phil would like it too I bet. You could both get matching pith helmets and binoculars.


  4. I hope it was a good day. Your reading area looks so inviting.

    I like to lounge in bed. I do a lot of stretching in bed when I wake up. He lounges a little bit. I envy your hubby, I wish I could hop out of bed like that and get the day started. I just don’t function that way.

    You and the surgery are on my mind.


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