That slo-mo time between diagnosis and surgery..

I’m not exactly sure where I’ve drawn from to make it between March 9 to June 9….kidney cancer diagnosis day to scheduled surgery day.  I’ve had two “on the ledge” days where I had to lean on someone else to make it through the agonizing fear and the sobs….and I will say the extra special diagnosis of a diverticulitis abscess which also could have killed me had me literally dragging one foot behind the other…but right now…today…sitting on the deck with a breeze which threatens the table umbrella.  I’m doing well!

I’ve learned that I am misunderstood by family.  I am the only one actually sitting here with kidney cancer slowly growing in my left kidney.  But, I’m realizing the impact this cancer has on the psych of my family and friends.  I learned from a very young age from my Dad that you try to plan for every possibility.  While I realize, and I’m sure he did, that this is really not possible, I think the process is very important.

As I go about my day, I think of things I need to do to prepare me for surgery…other than sending good, happy vibes to the surgeon and/or his robotic friend.  At this point, I still don’t know if they will be able to take it laparoscopically or if they will have to open me up…this decision won’t be made until they are in….but my care and life after surgery will not be the same depending on the treatment….so I plan ahead.  I have to have in my mind where to get an abdominal wrap, whether I will be down 1 week or 6, I want him to know where the passwords are…what bills are paid automatically, will I have to go back and forth to Des Moines for after care.  I ask these questions out loud and roll them off the brains of those close to me.  They perhaps interpret that I’m worried.  I’m not worried.  I’m optimistic, I’m confident and I’m preparing, I’m actually feeling strong mentally and physically….And if there is a hitch in the plan.  We all will deal with it!

until next time….

6 thoughts on “That slo-mo time between diagnosis and surgery..

  1. Her tumor was on top of the kidney and had not grown into it so the robot sliced it off like a scab. I think she said it was three cm. She was having back issues and got scanned when they discovered it. Very fortunate back problem in my view. If she was not having back pain, it would never have been found and would still be in there.

    If yours is contained in the membrane, do they really need the whole kidney or are they erring on the side of safety?


  2. No…not planning to. I had 4 CT’s they have the first and the second to the last which were like 6 weeks apart. Concerned about the radiation 😦 I don’t really pay that much attention to statistics either. I’m younger than median onset and mine was caught before any symptoms. It’s big but both urologists KC and Dm have told me that it looks to be contained in the membrane. I’m eating well, antioxidants, veggies taking turmeric and vitamins and trying to stay away from sugar except fruit sugar…I feel pretty darn healthy…let’s just keep that optimism coming!!!!


  3. The robot is the way to go. One of my employees had it done and it went without a hitch. It’s been over a year now with no recurrence of the cancer. She said she was kind of sore for awhile after but recovered quickly. I am optimistic for you too.

    Have they considered giving you another scan prior to surgery? Sometimes these thing go into remission of their own accord (for lack of a better way of putting it). Your immune system was probably in hyper drive during the diverticulitis. Maybe it knocked out the cancer. Just a thought.


  4. I was totally wrapped up in this thinking process and didn’t take time to consider what this was doing to my loved ones. Yes robotic if possible. That will be so much better!


  5. Dear sister from a different mister (and mom) I think I can empathize exactly!Erin and I do the exact same thing. Corey now also does it but in a slightly different way. I didn’t know there was an option for laparoscopy. That is good News and now I have something to hope for.
    It’s pretty darn breezy here too!


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