It was totally worth the wait….



Mildly disappointed that they don’t have the strong peonies scent but they are beautiful.  Color is my thing…I’m very moved by color and my mood is affected by color and music, of course.

Finally got cushions for the rocking chair that I bought last fall at Ice House Auction.  Jax has been trying to sit in it without cushions so he was visibly excited that it was now so comfortable although you can’t tell it by his face.


I bought the cushions AT HOME…they have an amazing selection.  Its the best I’ve ever seen.  Also got an umbrella to match the table for very cheap AT HOME.


I love yellow.

Did acupuncture yesterday for my left side.  My shoulder, knee and kidney should have benefited.  Jenny gave me something else to contemplate.  The fact that the right side of your brain controls the left side of the body may indicate that I need to  work on strengthening that side of my brain.  Chiropractor also started me on some turmeric supplements.  I have been reading a lot about turmeric and when he suggested it, I was sold.  Still working to heal myself from within..Now working on healing my physical self from within.  I love that both of my girls are holistic and always have ideas for my journey.

Shortly I’ll be out there in one of those deck chairs, drinking my coffee and catching up on WordPress and Facebook.

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “It was totally worth the wait….

  1. Tumeric is a good thing. I take way too much. It comes out in my perspiration and sometimes I smell like I just got off a 12 hour flight from New Delhi. You might throw some reservatrol in there too. You can get it from grapes and wine and raisins, but backing it up with supplements will not hurt.

    So how was acupuncture.?I have thought about it for my neck and shoulders….I just hate needles…do you feel them? Was your chiro Asian? I think I would prefer someone from the “old country” if you know what I mean…China maybe? Was that politically incorrect? Not that I care about such things.


    • My guy is from Canada but I don’t know the ethnicity. He’s not your typical white anglo saxon American. The needles pinch for an instant – except for the bottom of the feet. That is more like an instant bee sting. I, do sometimes bruise on my foot but I think that is because I flinch when he is inserting the needle. I totally believe in acupuncture. Phil and I both have it occasionally. I had it twice for anxiety and now twice for my shoulder. it helps. Not immediately but in a couple of days. I mentally give in to the relaxation part of it so it does me a lot of good. I know it works so I have some mind over body thing working too. I also eat red grapes – a lot of them -for the health benefit.


  2. Our peonies won’t bloom for another few weeks. I think I want a few more. I love those, and hydrangeas too.

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