Still a lot of “now” available

I was out on the deck this morning repotting hens and chicks when I heard him walking through the yard from the trail. 60 degrees…nice breeze….lots of sunshine. Exactly the kind of fall day I would have celebrated from a deck chair last year. It just didn’t happen this year. I regrettably spent nearly an entire summer puttering in the house. At first, I started down the long and winding trail of thought and irritation with myself….why did I do that…what was wrong with me?

But this time, I did not accept the invitation to the pity party. I accepted the fact that I spent most of the summer in the house puttering .. obviously, exactly what I chose to do….and I did not should myself.

But today, I decided that I wanted to spend some time outside. I walked around the pond…I felt the breeze in my hair, got a little warm wearing my sweatshirt….and I realized with a lot of joy there is still a lot of “now” available to me somewhere out there appreciating the beauty of one of my favorite months.

Little surprises were peeking through confirming it’s not over until it’s over!


News from Friday

I’ve felt a bit off center this week…maybe related to but not entirely because of staying home and avoiding COVID and more importantly the talk about COVID. The constant blah blah blah, the anger, the dissension…Facebook, worldwide, family, friends. I just refuse to be paralyzed with fear; yet, I refuse to rip off my clothes and nakedly confront it. I have learned healthy respect over the years and this is the time to show respect…respect of guidelines issued by the medical community just because my ego may want to yell and scream about some perceived rights I might have over the next human….I prefer respect….kindness!

Sadly this is the last picture of the happy family. I took it while on a walk yesterday after I watched the baby dining under the bird feeders.

Jr was missing this morning. We did have more geese fly in raising a ruckus. I assume they will be tenants and not just visiting from a neighboring pond. Im guessing we won’t have anymore babies this season because I think mating season is over. Although you wouldn’t know it by the strutting going on. I felt a loss when we realized Jr wasn’t around.

I found this cluster of iris yesterday by a bridge along the trail.

#gratitude to the person who planted them so neighbors could find them!

The weekend is upon us. At least I think it is, I really would need to confirm with my calendar but let’s just go with it.


Who knew this would creep up on me….

Today I’m easily irritated.  Not feeling overly great…Just below mid-sternum I have a muscle that causes me great pain when I do some things.  I have no idea what those some things are going to be.  And if I continue doing those things for 1/2 second I get a pulling, tearing type pain that pisses me off so much I have to reach up and be sure there is no gas exiting my ears….having taken a U turn because it could not get out the correct exit route.

My pain pills have become worthless for this pain for some reason……and my absolutely perfect him…aka the pill nazi…seems to be having a cannot compute day because logically – this is suppose to happen and this is supposed to happen…and it isn’t happening.  I know he is trying to save me from myself but today should have been one of those days I lock myself in the bedroom with the internet and TV remote and stew in my own juices.

So…I’m cancer free….I didn’t expect this short fuse to anger…Here’s my table next to the davenport in the living room.

IMG_3410 (3)

I watched nearly a whole season of of Grace and Frankie on Netflix…I sat outside and appreciated the beauty of my flowers.

IMG_3431IMG_3441 (2)

I sat on the deck and watched the peacefulness of the geese.


and in an hour I was back inside because of rain and wind.


That’s been my day…now my daughter has just suggested I might need to take some xanax.

Until next time…

Deadheading petunias…..

Note to Gramma gardeners…when you are letting the two year old help you deadhead petunias, do not turn your head…


Because before you know it, the marigolds get it too.


and then they are bald.  When I turned around to see the shredded marigold blooms on the ground, all I could do was laugh out loud.  I should have known something was going on when he quit saying urple and started saying ello.

The rain stopped…the sun was out, I had a haircut, color and great conversation with the son-in-law, did some browsing and shopping at the greenhouse and got to spend time with Jax.  It was a perfect Friday!

Until next time….

It was totally worth the wait….



Mildly disappointed that they don’t have the strong peonies scent but they are beautiful.  Color is my thing…I’m very moved by color and my mood is affected by color and music, of course.

Finally got cushions for the rocking chair that I bought last fall at Ice House Auction.  Jax has been trying to sit in it without cushions so he was visibly excited that it was now so comfortable although you can’t tell it by his face.


I bought the cushions AT HOME…they have an amazing selection.  Its the best I’ve ever seen.  Also got an umbrella to match the table for very cheap AT HOME.


I love yellow.

Did acupuncture yesterday for my left side.  My shoulder, knee and kidney should have benefited.  Jenny gave me something else to contemplate.  The fact that the right side of your brain controls the left side of the body may indicate that I need to  work on strengthening that side of my brain.  Chiropractor also started me on some turmeric supplements.  I have been reading a lot about turmeric and when he suggested it, I was sold.  Still working to heal myself from within..Now working on healing my physical self from within.  I love that both of my girls are holistic and always have ideas for my journey.

Shortly I’ll be out there in one of those deck chairs, drinking my coffee and catching up on WordPress and Facebook.

Until next time….

When the teenager leaves, you wash windows….

I need someone to wash my windows….  I haven’t washed windows in Kate’s old room for probably more than 5 years…before you fall to the floor screaming “that is disgusting”..keep in mind that when she was living at home, I had no ideas where the windows were…I knew they were somewhere over on the west side of the house but who could see them because of the “stuff”.  We redid things about a year ago and I keep thinking I”ll get in there and wash them…but something more important always comes up…besides – this is the craft room now and the dirt kind of blocks the afternoon sun when we are in there working on crafts.  I have really nothing else to say about the other windows…they need to be washed and I’m just not in the mood.

It is gorgeous here in Iowa…the weather couldn’t be more perfect.  I would love to live with temps like this year around but can’t move to California (I assume it is beautiful year around).  I’ve actually been outside moving about – working on the yard, working on the flower beds – actually hosta beds – I took Sierra for a 1.5 walk this afternoon…hoping some of this extra weight will melt off with just the exercise influence.

At work last night, I read a blog from a guy in South Africa..I was totally into it…he was one of those bloggers that made me think deep…don’t always want that but it fit last night.  I “x’ed” out of the blog when I actually had to do some work instead of just minimizing…I think I found him on someone else’ subscriptions…he was probably in his 40’s and had a fascinating piece on his walk of faith….lived in South Africa and his most recents posts were pictures of old buildings.  It may have actually come from some else’ subscription’s subscription or somewhere down the line.  If anyone knows who this is, please let me know.

Supper is ready, bless “his” heart – Until next time…..