You are going to S000000000 thank me for this!

If you know me, you know that I’m into color.  Color gives my happiness a jump start!  I really like bold colors – but not all bold colors – I’m not so into pastels and neutral – well, I think that is what I think I like.  When I watch a redo show on HGTV, I really like the subtle neutral shades with the bright, bold splashes that make it “pop”.  I’ve been known to change the color in my kitchen 4 times because the color just wasn’t right.  He is actually the one who changes the color because I’m a painting slob.  So this app could change his life!

IMG_3770 (1)

It’s an IPAD app – I assume it is also available for other tablets.

You take a picture of your room or the wall  you want to paint, duplicate the picture into the app and pick your color or in my case colors…basically once you get set up, you can just go through the pallet, select the color and go through every color of the rainbow plus a few others.  It entertained the painting fiend in my for quite some time last night!

I wasn’t able to find the perfect color….but I have a lot of time to play with it!

Oh…and if you share this amazing app with anyone else, be sure to say Nina sent me.

Until next time….

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