Besties for 40 years

its Sunday night and we have returned to the camper for our last night in Iowa.

We parked in Gena’s driveway for the weekend…the 4 of us have been working on her house in order to get it ready to sell….Its a big old house (built in 1903). Amazing old oak woodwork, large colonnades in the front entry which separates the large living room and dining room, original cupboards and woodwork in the kitchen….its just a beautiful old house where you can still feel the period charm.  

He and him-in-law gutted the bathroom…it will be the only room in the house with a modern feel…it was necessary although saying goodbye to the old claw foot tub was tough!


Gena and I whitened up the kitchen.  I love this picture of our 40 year friendship…although not my best side……thanks, dear!

We all worked so hard…we went to sleep at each night with pains in muscles we had forgotten we had…but it was an amazing weekend…I needed it.  As much time as we have spent together traveling, I felt this weekend we made a huge emotional reconnection.  Working, chatting, helping each other try to stay out of the emergency room…it felt like love at the highest dose!  thanks for a great weekend, girlfriend!

until next time!!

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