Going redneck…

A demolition derby

It’s kind of one of those things which should be on your bucket list! Several different groups of entrants…they enter the arena and find their place around the circle…5 4 3 2 1…..and they all start backing into each other on a fire department water sprayed arena and they continue to run into each other until there is only 1 car left running.  It is loud, it is dirty and it feels violent.

Kate and Adam went with us….the initial group smash up had them both smiling….which turned slowly into grimaces and finally we were ready to leave.  I think a little too much noise and smashing for my baby dove!

We probably all have our own definition of redneck.  In my dictionary, there is a picture of a demolition derby.

until next time….

2 thoughts on “Going redneck…

  1. Did they play the national anthem before it started? Were there confederate flags? Was everyone white? Were there any rules? Sometimes there are. Sometimes not. The total destruction is awesome.
    This is white lower middle class American culture at it’s best. I think the demo derby was invented in the south like NASCAR.
    Rodeos are good too. Monster truck rallies. Pro wrestling. It’s all pure Americana.
    Sprint cars in Knoxville? Not so much. They do that in Australia.
    The last demo derby I saw was at the fairgrounds in Des Moines before the stock car races on a Saturday night. Tommy English let us in for free. He worked the races every year. That was when I was a kid; ten years old maybe.


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