Do you know?

…that feeling when all of your personal stars and planets are aligned.  You want to drive fast with the radio cranked up and the wind blowing your hair back?

…why music can change your mood?  Sometimes with just the first note of a song?

…why are some people so afraid of change.  Change does not energize them…it cripples their thinking?

…why people using a public restroom wouldn’t flush the toilet?  Are we just used to auto flushes and don’t think about it?

…why some people don’t love their kids more than they hate their X?

…why we don’t try to change things we don’t like about ourselves?

…why we live to eat and not eat to live…wait…I might know the answer to that one.

…how we can have so much intolerance for people with different beliefs than our own?

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “Do you know?

  1. You are trying to trick me. My original comment is in moderation, but if I use my WordPress logon, I get loaded right away. I see how you are.

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  2. Are these trick questions? If I answer them, you will say I am wrong. You already have answered them for yourself. You just want to argue. That’s what I know!!!

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  3. Wait… are these trick questions? I sense a trap. If I answer any of them, you will say ‘no that’s not right’ and then I will be crest fallen. You see, I think you have already answered these questions for your self. You just want to argue. That’s what I know!!!


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