After what seems like 100 years of marriage

I think I have figured out that I have it pretty good.  For those of you newly married, my piece of advice to you – which you will not figure out until you have been married 100 years – it takes a long time..during those times when you really, really don’t like each other – try to hang on to the commitment and the memory that there was something there that made you fall in love.  Because it rolls back around. Focus on the positive and not on the things that drive you bat shit crazy…one caveat – if you realize it was a mistake in the beginning – then get out – start over and try to end it peacefully without hatred and a grudge.

Wouldn’t it be great if it all worked that way!

He is spending the day hanging light fixtures and ceiling fans.  He is diligent and a perfectionist and it is going to be awesome when it is done…it’s early and I have not heard any expletives so it must be going well…and his fitbit stats are going to far exceed mine sitting on the couch, drinking coffee and feeling peaceful!

ceiling fans

Until next times….

One of THOSE moments…

I seem to have rather frequent Ah – Ha moments now.  I’m thinking, perhaps, as you clear out the crap in your mind,  the good stuff has more room to circulate.  It only makes sense.  Sometimes I actually wonder if I’m the only one that these things just come to…that everyone else is ::eye rolling:: and thinkin’ well, ya NINA….

We painted two walls in the living room yesterday.  It was a an awesome shade of green – I loved it – but the room is very dark..lots of windows on the east side but the light is extremely filtered by trees…it is a little better in the winter..but not much.  “He” and I complain about it frequently so it is now a flat – darker than off white but lighter than taupe color.  I would have gone a little darker, but he reminded me that we are going lighter.

Yesterday was a very fun day for me.  He hates to paint, but he was an absolute saint about it.  He only got “bitchy” while trimming the last few feet of wall.  He listened to my IPOD music, he laughed at my jokes, we had some good conversations…it was just us…well, and Franny.  Marley wanted to be outside and all 5 cats were in the basement because cats/paint/paws absolutely do not mix.  Getting to my point in a second….I fixed him supper because I wanted to fix him supper, not because we had to eat.  I told him how much I appreciated him helping me and doing it so pleasantly…I did some of this sitting on the couch drinking coffee while I waited for him to get ahead of me trimming.  What I realized….really realized for the first time…there are very few things I don’t like about “him”.  In fact, there are only just a couple…okay…maybe 3…but it hit me yesterday…The things I like about him far outnumber the things I find irritating about him…I had never thought of that before…seriously…when he’s good, he’s really good…but when he is bad…he really irritates me…but after all these years, the bad just isn’t that bad anymore…but the good keeps getting better.

Oh..and I can barely grip a pen today because my hands hurt so bad from holding the roller..and my hip on the right side is killing me along with my left knee from climbing up and down off the ladder..but that hasn’t dampened my spirit at all about painting.

I heard that Phil.

….and while I’m up here on the soapbox

Let’s hear it for Iowa Supreme Court justices who were forced to hear arguments upholding Iowa’s law limiting marriage to a man and a woman….According to the Des Moines Register, the oral argument to uphold the law was simply that to allow persons of the same sex to marry will discourage heterosexual couples from wanting to marry.  OH PLEASE…..

The article goes on to say that more than one justice observed that the state of Iowa has approved no-fault divorce, it allows convicted felons, sex offenders, deadbeat dads and prison inmates to marry and it currently allows gay and lesbian folks to adopt children or to be foster parents. 

This is not a constitutional law question…this is politics …as I have said before…us heterosexuals have certainly done a bang up job with marriage…maybe there is a fear that gay and lesbian couples will make us look bad.  Is it true that sperm donars and perverts have more rights in the marriage institution than two people who want to commit to one another and are like us in every way except for their sexual preference in the privacy of their own bedroom.  Somebody get me a rainbow flag…I want to march in their parade!