After what seems like 100 years of marriage

I think I have figured out that I have it pretty good.  For those of you newly married, my piece of advice to you – which you will not figure out until you have been married 100 years – it takes a long time..during those times when you really, really don’t like each other – try to hang on to the commitment and the memory that there was something there that made you fall in love.  Because it rolls back around. Focus on the positive and not on the things that drive you bat shit crazy…one caveat – if you realize it was a mistake in the beginning – then get out – start over and try to end it peacefully without hatred and a grudge.

Wouldn’t it be great if it all worked that way!

He is spending the day hanging light fixtures and ceiling fans.  He is diligent and a perfectionist and it is going to be awesome when it is done…it’s early and I have not heard any expletives so it must be going well…and his fitbit stats are going to far exceed mine sitting on the couch, drinking coffee and feeling peaceful!

ceiling fans

Until next times….

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