Traveling alone in the car.

I think the Nissan Murano is one of the best looking SUVs on the road today.  I’m not going to go buy one the way I did the Chevy Trailblazer..that was a mistake in judgement especially trading in the loaded Aztek for it!  It’s such a shame the Pontiac line is done…there are several good looking Pontiacs on the road.   Wow this is where I was last week when it started raining and temps were below does Missouri keep their roads from freezing up the way they do in Iowa?  How does 4 hours make this much difference in the temp?  Whew..I’m actually relieved Christmas is over…but it was great all the way around – seeing everyone and TSO with Brenda…I AM going to see them twice next year… I swear Sunday drivers are the worst!  Especially those who can’t drive on the interstate .  I’m totally fascinated with bridges that go down hill (or uphill depending on your direction) over the interstate.  I love those 2 places on I35 south where the N/B and S/B lanes are divided by a lot of land/timber/pond.  I usually speed up on those stretches.  Seriously, Dumb Ass?  I’m really needing a vacation to see something other than Iowa and Missouri…so if my last day is on the 13th, I wonder when we should get the moving truck…I’m going to kind of miss Des Moines….I’ve missed my kitties.

Until next time….

Until next time.

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