If I had only had time for a picture!

I have been working in the bathroom the last few days.  This work requires a lot of arm movement which has slowed me down because quite frankly, the muscles in my arms, back and shoulders are not what they used to be.  Today they are like limp noodles hanging too close to the fire in my back.  Gawwww!

After consulting with my interior designer friend, Kim, a couple weeks ago, I decided to beach-up the look of my guest bathroom.  I have a lighthouse/beachy theme going in there but it just didn’t HGTV pop!

So I started sanding doors and woodwork and added stripes.

Today I continue the job of priming and painting the doors!  GAWWWWW

I’m a very sloppy painter…just ask him…he is a very clean painter…just ask him.  But he was not prepared for it when I yelled from the bathroom last night.  PHIL…..I NEED YOU NOW!  I wish I had taken a picture of a quarter gallon of paint pooling on the ceramic tile floor but we were both so freaked out we went into salvage what you can mode!  I was most worried about the grout!  HOLY MOTHER…we used a roll of paper towels and once the bulk of the paint was cleaned up, we kept the rest of it from drying with copious amounts of water and a rag…..and sol u Mel …..an amazing Melaleuca product. I had seen full strength sol u Mel clean red fingernail polish from a white carpet.  It works…it really works!

So off now to finish the doors…I have to get it done….Gena and him in law are coming for the weekend…the 4 of us have shared a lot of small spaces together (think closet size bedroom in Pompei).  But everyone appreciates a bathroom door.

until next time…..

3 thoughts on “If I had only had time for a picture!

  1. looks like the perfect place to take a leak…i will be right down.

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  2. Nice potty…looks like the perfect place to take a leak. I will be right down.

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  3. That is beautiful Nina! The window looks great painted. So glad you were able to clean up the spill. That must have been a heart stopping moment.


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