Get off that anxiety train

For the last couple of years, I’ve immersed myself in the study of learning to live in the moment. The past is done. There is nothing that can change it…and the past we recall is our illusion of events and interestingly, every time we try to bring the past back in our thoughts, its probably not the same memory from the last time we thought about it. Regardless…it is the past. It is not who we are or what we are right this moment. The future we agonize over and plan down to the last detail is also an illusion. I’m not referring to the weekly calendar or event future, I’m speaking of the worry and planning of our lives such as what happens if I run out of money, what happens if I get sick, What happens if we lose the house, what happens if all the chickens die…FEAR OF THE FUTURE…These thoughts are just a destructive cycle in our thinking that keep us from living right now.

How many times do we miss what is going on in the pleasant, present moment because we are focused on something from our past or fear of what might happen in the future (usually won’t happen in the future). I’m learning to recognize when I have these life robbing thoughts. I recognize when I’m starting to feel anxiety about “something” and to just STOP and get off that thought train. What are 3 things I see right now, 3 things I hear right now, 3 things I can physically feel right now. This exercise which might take 10 seconds will bring me back to where I am right here and right now.

My anxiety, morbid thinking, fear of the unknown and anger about the past is becoming less likely to ruin my day.

This has been a “lesson” I wanted to share today because I woke up with some fear based thinking and writing it down always helps me to retain the information!

Until next time…..

8 thoughts on “Get off that anxiety train

  1. The day Barry passed, I was busy fretting about putting him into a nursing home because the physician’s assistant said the need for hospice “could be months down the road.” I feel like I wasn’t fully present because I was planning the future. Could I have handled it differently? We do the best we can with the little we know. We never know…..Being fully present is never a bad idea.

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  2. This is really great! I like that bit about 3 things. I’ll have to give that a try next time I do this. One thing I’ve learned to tell myself is remember that whatever happens, it will always work out. It always does. Often not the way you imagined it, but it always works out eventually. There’s really no other option.

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  3. You have done so much work on yourself and it shows you are an awesome person

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