Lonely or Nice

The holidays….they can go either way..

I have heard my friends lament about the sadness they feel especially when viscerally injected with holiday cheer bouncing off every wall, ceiling, music speaker and Christmas tree. It doesn’t really matter whether you are a reason for the season person; your ethnicity doesn’t matter, sleeping on the streets or in a mansion…you are either living through or celebrating the holidays.

I especially mourn with people when a loved one transitions around the holidays. I don’t think I’m hanging crepe when I say that The “holidays” will never be the same for them. This happened to me…my dad had a heart attack on Christmas Eve and passed the day after New Years. Moving forward when the holidays roll around the reference is always that day, month, year before dad passed and after dad passed.

A good friend of mine told me that I should accept the holiday feels by feeling the emotion, letting it pass through and if you feel like a thorough holiday sob, just let it happen. Stop fighting it.

There really are no rules…the holiday is the holiday…one hour, one day you may feel festive and full of love and joy…and the next hour or day, you may not.


7 thoughts on “Lonely or Nice

  1. yes, exactly this. The other day I heard a Christmas Carole, that we used to sing in church. At first I was nostalgic. then missing some people. Remembering when my kids were little, the excitement Christmas season brought and how we went to church, especially on Christmas, How many years I was pissed when my husband wouldn’t go with us. Back to just nostalgic, simply missing my people. How fast that time went. I was happy, sad, mad, sad again, appreciative…All in the space of a song.

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  2. The holidays were good when they meant time off work but now that I’m retired I can take them or leave them.

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