Scratching each other’s eyes out

Pandemic hours and days roll right into each other. But, quite frankly, I’m not sure I remember ever living such a simple life with this level of contentment. With that being said, I am filled with compassion for my family and friends who are navigating this new path of daily living. Complicating that confusion is the information we receive from our “leaders” and the media, thus the only reliable guidance available is inner wisdom ……. that inner knowing that we file away page by page as we experience daily life…brick by brick day by day over the years. We are each living from our gut…societal “leadership” is out there but the voice is hard to hear….and I often feel we must compromise ourselves and our instincts because “leadership” seems to compromise its integrity by refusing to follow a moral compass when we need it the most.

Even the COVID-19 virus is separating us. An illness…a virus! At this time, we cannot agree on anything. I found the following on Facebook. I appreciated the dichotomy of raising our children with busy, busyness vs children experiencing a different way of growing up. Slowing down. Is it possible not returning to school during this deadly pandemic will not, in fact, be the end all for healthy children but a new way to experience life while growing emotional intelligence?

There is no “right way” to do anything. Most often, opinions are not based in fact but rather based on personal beliefs handed down from generation to generation…those beliefs and opinions never questioned. Seems we are running out of choices…perhaps coming together sharing innovative ideas is the solution as opposed to scratching each other’s eyes out like wild animals.

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2 thoughts on “Scratching each other’s eyes out

  1. I loved that so much! I sometimes think maybe we have to go back to the old days and start over. Maybe we got way too ahead of ourselves. and then I go too deep about not letting kids be kids, not worrying about what college the 3rd grader is going to get into. Not working so damn hard for the bigger house that you miss all the kid fun when they’re little. And it doesn’ t matter how many toys you have, you’re still gonna die one day, this is the only life you get, don’t waste it. Because I often feel like our society is convincing us every day to waste our lives and keep the money flowing to the big guys. See I go to far down the rabbit hole. But there was a hope in me that this virus would teach us, as society, some things. Idk if that’s happening. But I do know that it’s hard today to find campers, or bikes and you have to reserve campsites way ahead of time. People are doing a lot of work on their backyards gardens are thriving and hiking trails are busy….that’s all gotta be a good thing, right.

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    • I think this virus is teaching us something…I also think some people j7s5 don’t recognize it yet because they are too upset that what they want is not available when they want it. I think we will get it once Trump is gone, once we lose the nasty rhetoric 24/7 we will be different. I think it’s all working together…we as a society got so filthy, we needed a cleansing we wouldn’t forget!

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