This idea of having boundaries….

It’s a concept I’m just learning to actually HEAR. On this incredibly personal journey I started so many years ago, I stopped at every crossroad in order to re-evaluate right, left, forward or often screaming NO and running back from where I had come. The thought of creating boundaries was always the one thing causing me to retreat…..

I was raised an only child by older parents with completely different personalities. My parents (who did the best they could do) used me as a child of about 8 and onward to be the glue in their relationship…talking to me about their problems in and out of their relationship and teaching me quickly to be a problem solver and a people pleaser. They sent me out into the world incapable of setting up personal boundaries.

I frequently step or run forward to do the things I want to do but I’m usually dragging someone or something else with me, not in my best interest, because I’m just afraid to say no.

This morning two memes mentioning boundaries popped up on my FB page….my spiritual soul grabbed on …. holding tightly as if I had never before heard the concept. And just like that…I know where my awareness will be focused.

Until next time…

5 thoughts on “This idea of having boundaries….

  1. Oh man…. This is so hard! It’s funny, one of the things that I’ve learned on my journey is to ignore my fears and say Yes. It has served me well many times when I am afraid to do something outside of my comfort zone. It has led to some amazing experiences.

    That said, I have always had problems with boundaries and only just now realizing it. This is a different kind of Yes. This isn’t a Yes that makes me stronger or leads me to do amazing things. This is a Yes that is based purely out of obligation and fear of displeasing someone (even if it’s a person that I don’t particularly like!) Just a few days ago, I said Yes to something that wasn’t what I wanted but I didn’t want to disappoint this person. I said yes because it was something that I could give without much sacrifice on my part – just time. I am mildly proud of myself because I did set some mini-boundaries. I informed him that my time would be limited because I have writing and meetings to attend to. Now let’s see how well I do enforcing those boundaries!

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  2. When it comes to boundaries, better late than never. It all starts with self-love. You go girl.

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  3. And this is exactly the thing that makes me think of my aunt, who I wrote about last night. Yes Yes and Yes!

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