Exactly where I was supposed to be…..

I had a particularly satisfying guided Meditation tonight.  I have my favorites and I usually choose Jason Stephenson…but tonight when I was selecting which You Tube video I was going to use, I didn’t think about it….for some reason I chose This one.  It was the right one….it took me where I needed to be.  it’s almost like hypnosis….he took me deeper and deeper into total relaxation and then successfully guided me into working out some things I needed to learn about myself.

And then when he brought me out of it and the meditation was over, You Tube automatically took me to my next saved favorite Video.

And I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.


….learning….the life long process

Feeling vulnerable is a natural emotion.  I believe whether we have the tenacity to fight this emotion or wear it on our sleeve, we all have differing triggers and degrees  of vulnerabilities….I’m not sure if this feeling of being susceptible to being wounded or hurt,  open to moral attack, criticism, temptation, etc. ever goes away.  There is something about that inner voice that is always chatting away inside us.  I believe the vulnerable emotion’s most important job is just an alert for incoming mortar fire.

Those of us who have been damaged or emotionally injured early in life, perhaps, are more susceptible to understanding we have to take in the information, understand what is happening and learn how to fight these assaults on our well being.  Others may be stronger and don’t knowingly listen to the voice while there are those who give into the feelings which brings them to their knees.

I wonder if aggressive personalities, fighters, angry people are just fighting their feelings of vulnerability on the front line.  It is often a painful feeling and for self preservation these people feel they are saving themselves…..and on the other end, there is either no fight left or  skills have not been honed in order to even understand this emotion and they just give in to being a victim?

Until next time….

I have been hesitant to talk about this

Mainly because in the past, I have had no faith in the the stories about psychics.  I am sharing this story because it has been an overwhelming event in my life and I’m sharing it in my blog for my personal documentation of the event.  Here is the condensed version.

On June 27th, he and I did some trail walking at Burr Oak conservation area north of us in Blue Springs.  As we ambled along the trails, we came to a wooden viewing area over a creek bed.  As I stood at the railing taking in nature, I was gripped by an extremely weird feeling….a chilling feeling that someone had died there.  At first, I turned to him and said, I think someone committed suicide here.  I was convinced that if I looked down, I would see a body.  When we turned away from the area and continued on our walk, the feeling left me…physically…but I have been haunted? with the memory every day since it happened.

It was so real to me that when we got home, I began an extensive google search to see if I could find anything in the news.

In the next few days, I shared my experience with a couple of people I trust who I know are Intuitives…I needed someone to give me a rationale to what I couldn’t seems to remove from my thoughts.

3 days ago during meditation, I had a fleeting image of a man laying on his side.  The image was not so much the body but the head with a cap on.  I felt like it was a soldier.  It did not bother me other than where did that come from.

Yesterday following my meditation, I was compelled to google civil war Blue Springs.

I became very emotional when I read this

The Morgan Walker Farm is now Pink Hill Park

I, of course, will have no way of knowing if this has anything to do with my experience, but I am content in my beliefs.

….and that’s my story.