Figuring out who we are….

Some people are just angry….and we encounter them everyday.  Some people wouldn’t show anger if you set their hair on fire…..they would forgive you….or so it seems.  Some people, which I believe are the majority fall right in the center…these people are forgiving but given the correct amount of flame can explode…even to the point of irrational anger.  As a lifelong armchair psychologist, I’m fascinated with what makes people tick….and generally I make a human evaluation when I encounter someone who fits on either end of the arc, I wonder if they are happy and peaceful and satisfied with their life or are they screaming in their head on a daily basis?  DO folks who live their lives red hot not understand there are ways to cool their emotions, perhaps the idea of self discovery and self evaluation never enters their mind….perhaps they are just who they are and have no desire to change.  Maybe there was a particular time in their early life where they faced cruelty or violence and/or perhaps they could just have a mental health diagnosis.

……and with a lighter touch.  There are people who have a free spirit…their life interaction with others manifests in peace and acceptance and tend to be positive and loving.  Others have a deep groove of personal insecurity and must degrade and negatively bash others to make themselves feel secure.  Do these personality types inwardly reflect and understand the hateful thread that ties their thoughts and life together?

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6 thoughts on “Figuring out who we are….

  1. I think some people create drama to feel something, anything at all, because they are numb. As for anger, I think, regarding some issues, if you are not angry, there is a question as to whether or not you understand the seriousness of an issue. Sometimes anger is normal reaction, but if it is carried around continually, it is highly destructive to the individual and the people s/he encounters. Emotions are just energy, which can be used for good or evil, for empowerment or dis-empowerment. Fire can roast your food or burn your hand to a crisp.

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  2. The last couple of days I have been having my own anger issues. There is a subset of people in my life who have lately been spending a lot of time congratulating themselves on how wonderful they are while at the same time degrading other people, It is unbelievably frustrating to me for some reason, I don’t understand why it bothers me so much npbut I suspect it’s for a more selfish reason, so now I be angry at myself. Anger is insidious. It burrows deep inside to pop its head out in unexpected ways.
    Thanks. I needed to get that out. People piss me off occasionally.

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  3. I think like this and about this kind of stuff all the time too. Always have. I agree with what you said. The last question, I don’t think so. I’ve known too many that it almost seems like if YOU aren’t as hateful as THEY are, they think something is wrong with YOU. So where is any understanding? But even as I say that, I’m sure there is a subset of them who DO get it, and don’t care enough to do anything about it, or don’t think they’re strong enough to, and try to justify themselves to themselves. I think they must be the saddest people of all.

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