I don’t believe in bringing a knife to a gun fight which is the reason I’m venting on my own blog; but, I must say your weak, pathetic, vague explanation just irritated me.  The bloggest you were answering is mostly vague and defensive too…so birds of a feather.

I feel better.

It’s snowing.  I could talk about my feelings…but, really, what is the point?  At least it isn’t piled up 3 feet high along the gravel roads!

Each decade of life – and perhaps I will actually say every 5 year of life after you turn 50 – brings forth different ways of thinking.  Up until a few years ago, I felt immortal.  My fears of dying would be an accidental death.  As I age and more of my peers or peers 10 years older are passing on, I think about my health….I’m not doing anything to increase my longevity..but I’m thinking about it.

I remember my parents – especially my dad – saved things for retirement…when they passed, I found clothing, shoes, stuff in perfectly good or new condition that they had put back for later…I believe it was the depression generations who never lost that mindset. 

I save things back…for me in this time of my life…is this normal or some ingrained teaching I need to work thru?

I’ve quit dying my hair.  It may make me look older..I have had positive comments from people about my gray/white hair.  I don’t mind it.  I decided to do it as a statement..probably the same reason I sported a nose ring for several years.  This is me…I don’t apologize..I want to be genuine..and I want to be different….I don’t want to be a conformist…I’m still kicking and screaming…

Until next time…


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  1. OMG when my Dad died, I could not believe how he had hidden things~ new boxers, socks, shirts and some cash in a jacket pocket!


  2. @Ghog – At your age, your fingernails and toenails will just peel or chip off so you should be okay..I see a lot of folks with that extra long pinky finger nail…I think they usually use it to scoop and snort cocaine…but you could use it to haul around your one grain of rice so you are always prepared.  As an H man, you will probably require a lot less food because you will be relaxed and gentle until you die and are reincarnated to a bird.


  3. Ya, I quit dying my hair too….lost the mustache…it would never stay on anyway…I’m going to quit trimming my toe nails an finger nails too..I think it’s a requirement if you are going to be a Hindu holy man…do you think I’ll be more genuine then?? It’s really where I’ve been all along…I’m not sure I can live off one grain of rice a year though…


  4. I am amazed when I notice how few ladies let their hair go gray these days! I am one of the heads of gray, and sometimes I flirt with the thought of dyeing it again, but then I remember the cost, the time, and the mess, and I get over it for a while. My gramma was a great one for saving things “for good”. I think helping to clean out her house made me lean more in the direction of using things while I can enjoy them, because, well, you never know! But I need to work more on letting go of things. I could be a fantastic hoarder.


  5. @tracy – Thank you…and I think you are fantastic too!


  6. This is why these two particular birds flock together. We don’t do things because we are trying to draw attention, we do things because it’s what we want to do and at some point you just stop caring if people are looking.You are fantastic.


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