The Dodge Charger

I could really find nothing wrong with this car.  It was a little larger than I like but rode like a dream.  Oh…this was our rental…Actually the rental agencies must be using Chargers a lot because we saw a million of them on the road…most were white.  One thing Las Vegas has figured out is the airport/rental car process…All or most of the rentals are picked up in one huge garage and getting to and from the airport by shuttle is very easy.

This next picture is for my daughters…He and I walked the strip one day…toward the end, my feet were killing me until I found a sketchers store and bought a pair of walking shoes…awwww…but as I continued to walk, the hurtful place on my foot continued to hurt…I needed a pair of socks…and I was wearing crop pants…we stopped at a drugstore and all they had were white ankle socks or crazy knee socks.  For some reason, I thought the white socks would look better…OKAY…none of them would look good…I put them on my foot and rolled them under my heel so they wouldn’t look like ankle socks…ya…it looked good.  I took a picture because we laughed hysterically about what the girls would say if they knew I was running around Vegas like this.  Actually..I’ve become my mother.l

Our first couple of nights were at TI…Treasure Island…we had a extreme corner window so we could see both ways on the strip…nice room.

Our second night was the Luxor.  No one told us that there was one elevator to the 17th floor…This hotel/casino is built like a pyramid – the rooms are around the outside of the pyramid and the casino is encased in the center.  Our room was exactly opposite corner of the elevator…so it was an all day journey down two identical hallways to get there.  Because of this fact, I can’t see us staying there again.  We did have a beautiful view of the Mandalay Bay and the airport which was wonderful for us.  Our room was wonderful…I was very happy there…but if you left the room…you wanted to make sure you had everything you might need with you because it was just too far to run back to the room!

We ate several meals on the mezzanine because the food prices were very reasonable and tasty.  We especially liked the Nathan’s hot dog booth!!!!

What totally irritated me were the prices on the strip.  I wasn’t surprised..just irritated.  Here’s $8.

We both love Caesers Palace and will probably stay there if we ever go back … Here’s some random pictures I took…and no..he did not get a Rolex…

We had the intention to spend more time watching the fountains at the Belagio…but only made it once. 

Can you tell what music is playing?

We had more tears-in-the-eyes, stomach-hurting laughter during this trip than we have had for a long time.  Not our best vacation…but we enjoyed each other.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “The Dodge Charger

  1. Those casinos look awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever seen inside pics of the Luxor before. I like the Charger, though I don’t care for white cars.


  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 


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