I don’t believe in bringing a knife to a gun fight which is the reason I’m venting on my own blog; but, I must say your weak, pathetic, vague explanation just irritated me.  The bloggest you were answering is mostly vague and defensive too…so birds of a feather.

I feel better.

It’s snowing.  I could talk about my feelings…but, really, what is the point?  At least it isn’t piled up 3 feet high along the gravel roads!

Each decade of life – and perhaps I will actually say every 5 year of life after you turn 50 – brings forth different ways of thinking.  Up until a few years ago, I felt immortal.  My fears of dying would be an accidental death.  As I age and more of my peers or peers 10 years older are passing on, I think about my health….I’m not doing anything to increase my longevity..but I’m thinking about it.

I remember my parents – especially my dad – saved things for retirement…when they passed, I found clothing, shoes, stuff in perfectly good or new condition that they had put back for later…I believe it was the depression generations who never lost that mindset. 

I save things back…for me in this time of my life…is this normal or some ingrained teaching I need to work thru?

I’ve quit dying my hair.  It may make me look older..I have had positive comments from people about my gray/white hair.  I don’t mind it.  I decided to do it as a statement..probably the same reason I sported a nose ring for several years.  This is me…I don’t apologize..I want to be genuine..and I want to be different….I don’t want to be a conformist…I’m still kicking and screaming…

Until next time…