Just going with it….

I thought Retirement was going to be like coming to a screeching halt.  On the day you finally walk out the door the sun will shine, the birds will sing and iron partitions will be between you and the mental chaos.  Well, it was almost like that.  In all of my years of dreaming of being free, I did not even consider the possibility that we would drive home, load up the rest of our lifetime belongings along with 2 dogs and 5 cats and leave everything that we have ever known.  I also did not expect cancer and heart attacks and all of the daily complications  of this new lifestyle in this new place.  But, the truth is moving to a different state, a new house and everything that goes along with organizing a new lifestyle was very exciting…I craved the anonymity, the unknown and the silence.

Enter the occasional loneliness and boredom once daily life starts happening.  But with it comes the peace of listening…the quiet thoughts from your soul are able to be heard….your intuitions…that deep part of you can day dream.  This week I have had an unusual NEED to listen to certain music…it’s like an addiction.  I wake up with the songs playing in my head and I eventually grab the headphones and go under the spell.  I feel like I should know why I’m being led down this path.  I realized tonight that this music comforts me and perhaps the right answer is I need to quit searching for the answer and just go with it.  Find peace in the comfort.  Things will be revealed if I just relax and listen.

Until next time…..

2 thoughts on “Just going with it….

  1. If you can enjoy music, or anything else whatsoever, do so regularly. Barry had a tumor on his neck one week after retiring. If there is some way to make retirement not suck, go for it. Deny yourself as little as possible. Enjoy what you can while you can. Shamelessly.

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  2. Your life after retirement was so surprising! Everything changed. I love that you seem so happy.
    I have been trying the Mozart for memory theory and listening to a lot of classical when I am studying. Luckily it’s also something I enjoy. 🙂

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