I had dreams of long hair in a bun….

I cannot speak for all women – but I speak for a lot of us.  We go to the hair salon pretty confident that the picture we saw in the magazine, on line, on Jane Doe at the mall is just exactly what we want for our hair.  I think most women have honestly had that shoot through their mind even if they didn’t follow through with it.  I don’t think this happens to men…My opinion… and feel free to correct me is men go to the hair salon or more likely the barber because their hair needs to be cut.  Period.

Now that my son-in-law cuts my hair in his salon, I have those moments at family events where I mentally think – damn – I wish I would have taken some time with my hair today…and the second thought I snicker and think, I’m guessing on a day like today he’s not wishing I had a business card to hand out saying – Hey Look, my hair stylist owns Evolve Hair, KC.  Also, sometimes it is very difficult not to see him at family events and talk to him about my hair…what do you think about this cut…do you think I need more purple highlights…what am I doing wrong with my bangs.  But I seldom speak these things out loud because he’s not my stylist then, he’s my son in law.

I decided a few months ago that I was going to go natural white and grow my hair out because I so much wanted to have long hair to put on top of my head in a bun or pulled back in a pony tail.  He laughed….and he helped me begin the process.  I got this far.


When I got in the chair today, he asked what we are doing today.  I told him we are cutting it off.  Because he knows I’m probably going to change my mind he gave me some ideas to trim it up without taking ALL of that length off.  I showed him a picture and said…lets do something like this.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 8.30.35 PM

and so we did.  my hair is still white.  I’m pretty confident *eyerolling that isn’t going to change but I had to tell him that he was right – I need to keep my hair short…and he just laughed.

….and in case you are thinking how lucky I am to have a son-in-law who does hair…you would be soooo right!

Until next time….

10 thoughts on “I had dreams of long hair in a bun….

  1. My niece is my hairdresser…..I often go through the can I have this done, can I have that done. Only once has she said yes….and boy was I terrified when the day came, the style she agreed to meant having around 8inches off the back of my hair. I stuck it out for 12 months, then got her to cut it long again, because it was too much like hard work to look after, and I hated that I had to have it cut every 6 weeks or so. I got her to cut it long, and went back to my normal 6 to 12 month hair cuts……I find long hair so much easier to look after!

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  2. Awesome son-in-law. Short hair is easier. In my opinion, and I am growing my hair out, the fun is in the experimentation with shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. Having short hair need not impact that. And it looks good on you to boot.

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  3. Another new Nina-do. Love the color and the shape. You wear it well!


  4. Yes you are so lucky. And it looks great! Funky, I like it.

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  5. That looks great on you! I bet it is so easy to care for. I love it! Do you love it?

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  6. I love all the changes you make to your hair! You look different every time you post a pic.

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