Our own House of Cards

We started our Season 4 binge watching of House of Cards last night.  Because it had been so long, we watched the finale of Season 3 so we could possibly remember who the characters are, were and anticipate what they will do 🙂

I’ve visited DC several times – I think 6 but I could be off one.  I really love the atmosphere, the power, the history and the vibes in DC.  Sadly, very sadly, while watching House of Cards, I thought – okay…it’s been about 9 years, I’m ready to go again…and then that overwhelming sadness in the pit of my stomach as I remembered Trump and his group of thugs were in the White House and it isn’t my Washington, DC anymore.

We were there during the Bush, Jr presidency and while I thought he had only the brains that would fit into a thimble, I still respected him AS President while disagreeing with  a lot of his decisions.

It’s totally different with the Trump White House.  I feel genuine fear for my safety and the safety of all of my patriots!

It’s a very sad time in America.

Until next time…..

3 thoughts on “Our own House of Cards

  1. Every day, I feel sad that someone could “grab them by the pussy” and become President. (An insult to my feline friends everywhere.) I simply console myself with the reality that he lost the popular vote, bigly. All the voter suppression in the world cannot change that.

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