Another view of depression and PTSD

I’ve been watching, ahem, muting and fast forwarding TV political ads with skill and ease for the last few weeks…but even with my dedication to avoid the paid political BS, a guy named Jason Kander has slipped through a few times. He was running for Mayor of Kansas City and has a sweet little bio.

I was shocked to find out, while watching the news last night, that he is withdrawing from his mayoral campaign because of depression and PTSD….before he goes another step further in life, he’s going to do some therapy and work through his demons. I was very surprised because judging from his public and on air personna he’s a walking, talking, laughing, smiling, articulate man who realized the world was his oyster kinda guy.

NOPE! They are walking among us…and you can’t tell by looking, you can’t tell by listening….you can’t tell!

Be kind…you have no idea what your friends, your family, the people you pass just doing the daily life stuff are really enduring and feeling.

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Minnesota is a large state. While sitting in an AmericInn lobby this morning drinking my coffee and eating an English muffin, I found out that while Minnesota is large by area it only ranks 12th out off 50….and the state cannot brag about water area either (see last column in screen shot). so that land of lakes is probably notable for the amount of lakes within its boarders not the actual area or volume for that matter.

The AmericInn runs Fox News on their lobby TV 24/7. While I’m not sure right now if this is staff or Corp policy. It does make a difference to me….and while they have every right to have their TV turned to any channel they support…this has an impact on me and my choices where I spend my money when I require lodging.

Saw this in a bookstore.

Wish I had written it. Would like to spend more time on the North Shore to perhaps collect facts in order to write a book about it….or at least spend a lot of time at the North Shore collecting facts and then make a decision.

Today is our 39th anniversary! In order to stay married this long, you have to embrace the fact that marriage can be damn hard and overcoming the bad times is what makes it work for 39 years! I received a piece of advice early on…most successful marriages work because of the commitment portion..commitment is what makes you work through the tough times because inevitably you don’t like each other 100 percent of the time and the trick is to not dislike each other at the same time. Happy Anniversary to Him!

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I knew Donald Trump‚Äôs twin

Arrogant, blatantly racist, boldly narcissistic, conspiracy theorist, cruel, mean and a bully AND calls himself an evangelical Christian……we had been friends for a long time …. nearly 45 years….until he forced my hand and I just stopped. I kept his secrets a very long time, I listened to him, i humored his bad manners and personality and somehow justified his behavior in my head that he was just damaged and misunderstood…..I had chosen to stick by him until he worked through it.

I have recently realized that he is Trump’s twin!

What scares the hell out of me is the numbers….the numbers of people who continue to worship this malignant tumor leading our country and what continues to concern me is the support he receives from evangelical Christians. Have I been wrong all of these years or being away from the church did I miss the actual moment when this mass of people turned on the road away from the Christian values and their one way leader, Jesus Christ? This has nothing to do with politics and differences of opinion on fiscal matters, abortion, gun control…any of the hot debatable topics we, as Americans, have always debated and has everything to do with who we really are in our hearts and in our souls. What has happened?

My blog…my opinion. I will not entertain any comments from those of you on the Donald Trump side unless those comments include a believable rational for what I call the anti Christian bend of this country. With that being said, I really want to know what is happening so if there is an explanation, please share.

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It HAS to be something else, doesn’t it?

Without any forethought or planning other than marriage, I moved to a smaller town of 15,000, give or take, in the heartland.  It was a predominantly white town of blue collar Maytag workers…lots of union workers…my first impression as an outsider…kind of a clique town.  I finally landed a well paying job for the county sheriffs office, made a lot of friends, helped organize labor union representation for county workers, volunteered in the community and raised 2 successful daughters.  Through most of my life in this small town/county, my only real political problems involved going up against the old white men republicans that sat at the head of the county board of supervisors when we negotiated union contracts and my hatred of these same old white men every winter when my gravel roads became impassable.  Rather an idealic life, wouldn’t you say?

Then Maytag up and left the community for Mexico and was later sold to the Whirlpool Company.  A state prison was built south of town, crime increased which I will always believe had something to do with the inmate population being in the back yard, we acquired a more significant drug problem, I have no facts or figures on the percentages but I maintain we spent a lot of time, money and energy on a lot of lost souls whom I referred to as dirt bags….unless you have worked as a public service employee……law enforcement, health services….you just don’t know what is out there…..and you really don’t want to know.

Now 40 years later, I have been changed.  I look at the plight of these dirt bags differently, I maintain their lifestyle is the result of years of poor, broken families who just gave up on their kids and their kids, etc.  I believe they escaped their hardships with drugs and everything else to make themselves feel good in the moment and this cycle of survival began.  I understand this lack of compassion and hatefulness pouring out of  our conservative D.C. Government….the dregs of society draining our coffers because they are lazy and refuse to work.  For the most part I understand it….I don’t agree with it because I have become one of those bleeding heart liberals….. but I understand the mentality.

BUT ISNT HEALTH CARE….LIFE AND DEATH…..A RIGHT WE SHOULD HAVE AS AMERICANS…..AS HUMAN BEINGS ON THIS PLANET….especially in contrast with the billions and billions of dollars available for everything else?  Don’t we deserve a right to LIVE above and beyond every other perk in the United States of America?

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Our own House of Cards

We started our Season 4 binge watching of House of Cards last night.  Because it had been so long, we watched the finale of Season 3 so we could possibly remember who the characters are, were and anticipate what they will do ūüôā

I’ve visited DC several times – I think 6 but I could be off one.  I really love the atmosphere, the power, the history and the vibes in DC.  Sadly, very sadly, while watching House of Cards, I thought – okay…it’s been about 9 years, I’m ready to go again…and then that overwhelming sadness in the pit of my stomach as I remembered Trump and his group of thugs were in the White House and it isn’t my Washington, DC anymore.

We were there during the Bush, Jr presidency and while I thought he had only the brains that would fit into a thimble, I still respected him AS President while disagreeing with  a lot of his decisions.

It’s totally different with the Trump White House.  I feel genuine fear for my safety and the safety of all of my patriots!

It’s a very sad time in America.

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I went to bed bruised and bloody…..

Not literally.

Apparently I totally pissed off my family yesterday with my FB post #Trump2016 #berniesanders and America ready to admit that what we have been doing for 50 years isn’t working?

Apparently, they thought I had gone off the deep end and was supporting Donald Trump for President.

I find myself during this BS political season to be totally enmeshed¬†¬†in politics. ¬†I find myself really listening to what is being said. ¬†Always, in the back of my mind, knowing that it is really ¬†just lip service; yet, knowing I have to vote for someone. ¬†Sunday morning news shows have become an obsession for me…yesterday it was Meet the Press and an interview with Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. ¬†I must say that I abhor Donald Trump as a person. ¬†I dislike, what I think, is his bias against women and his racism…but I agreed with many things he said. ¬†After a FB messenger discussion with a couple friends this morning, I’m even more sure now that my interest in Trumps words are no more than his voicing my anger at what is going on in the middle east and politics in general. ¬†He is saying the things, with no filter, that I wish other politicians would have the balls to say outloud…not being politically correct and saying what needs to be said.

Bernie Sanders – while I”m not totally on board with all of his opinions, I also like his directness.

I also know that politics has become a taboo subject to be discussed amongst friends and family. ¬†We seldom are able to hold our tongue and reign in our anger in a debate with others with opposite opinions. ¬†I wish this were not true. ¬†I know that by having a healthy discussion and not taking disagreement personally, one can learn a lot by being open and sharing opinions. ¬†It’s when we close ourselves off to anything other than¬†what we believe, that we become the divided America that we seem to be living in right now.

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