I spent a lot of time this morning working through some friendship issues…..TOO DRAMATIC. I used my time this morning centering myself and releasing my attachments to outcomes and reining in my ego. My ego thought it was going to be a great day because I was loaded for bear and I felt very satisfied in my indignation and my anger. My small self was able to go along with my tirade all the while feeling justified and right…it did feel good but only because I have a long history of feeling justified in my fluent vocabulary and my rage. When “it” is what I know, it just feels right.

Before the exhaust completely dissipated, I was able to sneak a peak at Twitter. Just for the record, my sneaky peak is only sneaky in my own volume of personal rules. I was once again feeling understood because again I find that most of my Twitter feed agrees with me…(follow/unfollow is an excellent way to always be assured I am right)!

I give myself (my ego) some space and kindness because I’m still a student learning about living in this moment and seeing everyone as a beloved with different perspectives due to their experiences along their journey. 2020 has been a great teacher and the election has allowed me to feel some relief, some hope for the future while allowing me to understand these last four years were needed for me (us) to realize how low we could go.

Like everyone else, I vote for the person(s) I think will most certainly govern with the best interest of the schools, city, county, state, United States…usually it all works OK even if I am not in agreement with particular decisions. My thought has always been what damage can REALLY be done in two years, four years.

Now that we are nearly through 2020, which in hindsight seems we should have had more vision, but now that some (not all) of us have survived the year and the Trump administration/regime, I sum it all up by saying…I haven’t really changed my political opinions….but I have been changed…we haven’t just gone through a political process…. we have experienced Crimes Against Humanity. We must heal what brought us to the huge divide…and turn within to love and protect each other.



  1. I wish we lived closer. I need to just talk to you everyday. So I’ve had a tough year. And politics is only part of it. Twitter….doesn’t help me. just helps me keep my anger going. Anyway, I get notified when you post. And I occasionally jump on it. But mostly I save them, for later when I have time to take in what you’re saying. Because I know I will learn something from you. I think we deal with a lot of the same issues. You’ve taken more time to deal with them than I have. Long story short, I have ended up with a long list of Nina blogs to catch up on. And if feels a little like signing up for a self help class. lol Seriously, time to take some time for me. To get my shit together so to speak. And your perspective always helps. It’s like reading a really helpful book, where you can only take in so much at a time because you have to think about what you’ve just read. I must sound like such a weird-o. But thanks for writting the stuff you do and being so open about it. Seriously, Thank you!


    • Thank you….my sister from another mister….I feel the same about you. I laughed the other day about the Christmas blog where you said…something we aren’t twins in thinking! It’s been a holy hell year…I know so much has happened in your life…just know I’m always sending you love and light when I speak to nature and the universe! Happy New Year to you and to your family! ❤️

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  2. I think 2020 is like the Great Depression in that the people that lived through it will be changed by it in ways they may not even fully understand. “Remember when we hoarded all that toilet paper?”

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